Other Standards

Wireless Standard TestingIn addition to wireless products for the ZigBee standard, Wi-Fi standard, and Bluetooth standard, NTS also has capabilities in the testing of various other wireless standards.

Wireless USB is a short range wireless standard based on the USB protocol. Peripherals, like mice and keyboards,  can be connected, as the name implies, wirelessly. NTS can perform certification testing to verify that your device is ready to be released, and can also perform testing with our “Wireless USB Golden Suite” to verify that your product functions correctly in the “real-world” with a variety of other USB devices – both wired and wireless.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi standard allows you to lose the wires and charge your mobile device. Using magnetic induction technology, Qi compliant devices can just be laid upon a base station to charge without the need for power cables. NTS is an authorized certifier for the Qi standard.

If you're developing a wireless product, contact NTS today to get your product tested!

Updated March 5, 2015