R&TTE Notified Body Services

NTS is a Notified Body for the European Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (R&TTED) and as an authorized Notified Body, NTS has the ability to issue formal compliance and regulatory opinions for the CE marking of radio communications devices.

The services of a Notified Body are required for radio communications devices that have not been evaluated to harmonized standards, in which case the Notified Body should be consulted to determine the essential test suite and then, once testing has been performed, to issue an opinion on the resulting Technical File. However, many manufacturers request a Notified Body opinion for products evaluated against harmonized standards to provide an independent opinion regarding the compliance of their products.

These services are in accordance with:

Annex III- Identification of essential radio tests for the R&TTE Directive

Annex IV- Providing advice on how to structure and present a Technical Construction File (TCF) and providing Statements of Opinion on compliance of products with the essential requirements of the R&TTE Directive for radio, EMC and safety based on a TCF.

NTS has been working with manufacturers and designers of RFID equipment (tags and readers) for over 10 years and we stand ready to support the needs of our ever-growing base of clients developing these products. NTS offers a full range of regulatory compliance services for RFID products, and we will be expanding our services to include RFID performance testing in the future.