Wireless Testing

Wireless/Radio Testing

Wireless devices have become an indispensible part of our world, responsible for everything from keeping us connected to the Internet to allowing smart grid devices to communicate seamlessly. With few viable alternatives on the horizon, it’s likely the market for wireless certification and testing is one that will only continue to grow.

To address the needs of clients in a wide range of industries, National Technical Systems (NTS) has invested in some of the most sophisticated wireless testing software and equipment available today. With a network of labs across the country, we are uniquely positioned to help today’s wireless device manufacturers meet all of their regulatory compliance and quality assurance requirements.

Wireless Certification and Testing at NTS

NTS has years of experience performing testing and issuing certifications for various types of wireless technologies. From Bluetooth to Wireless USB to ZigBee to RFID to all of the various 802.11 standards, UltrawideBand (802.15) and WiMax (802.16) products, we have seen it all. We operate an FCC-certified Telecommunications Certification Body (Elliott TCB) to expedite your formal grant of approval and get your product to market on schedule. We are also one of the few labs currently providing Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) testing services to manufacturers of 802.11(a/n) devices and other wireless technologies that operate in the 5GHz range. And our innovation teams are preparing to service the needs of radio device developers who are currently working on the wireless technologies of the future.

Wireless testing includes focusing on the end-users – How well does your Bluetooth phone connect to your car? Can you easily set up an ad-hoc network with your 802.11n products? Can your wireless in-home display connect through a brick wall to your smart meter? Testing covers many of the same areas as our hardware and software testing – compatibility, functionality, interoperability, performance, and competitive analysis.

In addition, NTS also covers areas outside of these standards which have direct implications for wireless products. In particular, interference testing. NTS can test your device using custom “mini-homes” built with dry wall, brick, etc. to evaluate how well your device performs with different building materials. We also have an RF chamber at our facility which can also be utilized for testing. In addition, NTS has numerous test chambers for use in EMC/EMI and regulatory approvals for wireless technologies.

Testing Capabilities

  • ZigBeeNTS is a leading provider of ZigBee wireless certification for smart grid devices. We employ a proprietary transmission analysis system — ZigTest™ — to provide in-depth, accurate analyses that offer total system verification, from the physical layer inward.
  • EMI/EMC: As wireless and radio devices share bandwidth with an increasing number of components, it’s important to ensure your product won’t be negatively affected by EMI and EMF interference. NTS labs are equipped with anechoic and semi-anechoic chambers of various sizes that can perform extensive compatibility and product safety tests.
  • Environmental/dynamicThe NTS network includes several testing labs that have obtained Verizon ITL certification for environmental and dynamic testing. Measuring a device’s ability to withstand temperature, humidity, vibration, shock and other factors plays a key role in the development of more durable products. Count on NTS for advanced, accurate testing that can be configured to your requirements. 

These are just a few of the services offered by our wireless certification and testing labs. For assistance locating the best NTS facility for your needs, call or email our head office directly.

Custom Testing Protocols

NTS has also developed custom test tools, such as our ZigBee test harnesses, to test wireless devices. Our engineers specialize in finding creative solutions to common testing problems. We can assess your overall objectives and requirements to determine a wireless certification and testing program that gets your product to market quickly.


Please browse this section of our website for more information about Wireless/Radio Testing services at NTS. If you’re developing a product based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee or any of a variety of other wireless standards, contact us today to find out how we can help you prepare your product for market.

Updated June 15, 2015