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The HATest test harness is a reference device developed by NTS  to assist manufacturers in the development of ZigBee Home Automation devices. The hardware and software test tool emulates the various different Home Automation devices allowing you to fully test your device to the latest ZigBee HA application profile before you submit your product for certification testing. ZigBee Home Automation is a profile based on the ZigBee standard that provides a common, interoperable platform for home automation technologies and security. Only NTS offers this array of tools for the ZigBee profile.

Our HATest tool has been used at numerous ZigBee plugfests, as well as in the validation of the Golden Units developed for the HA profile. This is the same tool that we use internally for ZigBee certification testing, and it’s available to help you in your development and pre-testing process. As with the SETest test harness, the HATest test harness also offers the ability for custom scripting, allowing you to extend the device’s capabilities to validate areas not normally covered by the ZigBee test specification (e.g., negative cases, boundary cases, etc.).

NTS also provides basic and advanced training on the use of the HATest for an additional cost to help you get up to speed quickly. In addition, custom test script development is available to allow you to have additional test cases created to cover your test requirements and areas not covered by the ZigBee test specifications (e.g., negative test cases, boundary cases, etc.).

Note that pre-testing with the NTS HATest Test Harness does not guarantee that your product will be certified. Actual certification testing of your product requires separate certification testing to be performed by a ZigBee Alliance authorized test lab, such as NTS. Although pre-testing with the test harness makes it more likely that your product will pass certification.

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