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In order to provide accurate, repeatable certification testing, NTS has developed a number of test harnesses and test tools based on certified hardware along with custom software designed to test various standards, such as ZigBee. These test tools and harnesses can assist in you in the development, testing, and validation of your products prior to release or prior to sending them in for certification. Our test tools are designed to automate and simplify as much of the validation of test specifications as possible. Each tool has been developed by NTS engineers experienced in the testing and validation of the various standards.

Our ZigBee test harness has been developed for each individual ZigBee application profile (e.g., SE, HA, RF4CE) and have been tested and verified at numerous ZigBee plugfest/interoperability events. The NTS test harnesses are complete reference test tools emulating the various types of ZigBee devices for the individual profile, along with automating the certification test suites. These tools are also regularly used to perform certification of the ZigBee Golden Units, and are updated for the latest versions of the application profiles/specifications. And these test harnesses are available for purchase and/or rental by ZigBee member companies! Now you can use the same tools used by NTS while you’re developing your product making it easier for you to achieve certification.


Plus we’re also in the process of developing tools to assist customers in their Smart Grid roll-outs. For more information, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you!

SETest Tool

Test tool for the ZigBee Smart Energy standard. Read more…

HATest Tool

Test tool for the ZigBee Home Automation standard. Read more…

RFTest Tool

Test tool for the ZigBee Remote Control aka RF4CE standard. Read more…


Test tool for USNAP – Coming Soon!

Consumer Products

Installer tool developed by NTS to help with smart energy, home automation, etc. field installations. Read more…

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