Space Simulation

Space Simulation Testing

Theoretical models can only provide us with so much information when it comes to developing or testing a product destined for space. To avoid unanticipated issues and validate computer-driven modeling, testing in a space simulation chamber is an important part of the quality-assurance process. NTS is one of only a few facilities in the world capable of performing simulation testing that mimics the extreme conditions found in the upper atmosphere and outer space. By precisely controlling temperature, altitude and humidity, we give you a clearer picture of how your product will respond, allowing you to make engineering changes that reduce your liability and simplify your path to regulatory compliance.

Engineering and Evaluation

NTS’ advanced test capabilities have allowed our participation in every major space project since the inception of manned space exploration. NTS performs research, development, tests, and system evaluations on a wide range of aircraft, vehicles, systems, and components. Our test capabilities include dynamic response, acoustic intensity, and modal analysis on aircraft structures and systems; evaluation of electronic and hydraulic systems for advanced aircraft and vehicles; and severe environment and hazardous flow tests, among others.

Extreme Environmental Simulation

NTS leads the industry in testing associated with space vehicles, hardware and satellite technology. For fuel cells, solar panels, composite antennas, batteries and various mechanical and electronic devices, NTS can custom engineer chambers and fixtures to conduct a complete range of space related phenomena.

Climatic and space simulation provides for demanding test requirements with combined environments of temperature, altitude and humidity. Thermal vacuum chambers provide temperature extremes from -320° F to 1000°F with combined ambient pressures of 1×10-8 TORR. Salt fog, sulfur dioxide (SO2) and copper chloride chambers are sized up to 6′ by 10′ by 8′. Explosive atmosphere chambers simulate 100,000 feet and temperatures to -320°F.

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

The space simulation facilities at NTS are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation to provide environmental, dynamic and thermal testing. Whether you are a government contractor or are working for a private space agency, we can ensure all required testing is performed to the appropriate standards. For international customers, we can aid with pre-compliance management that helps you bring your products to foreign markets with a minimal investment in additional testing.

Whatever you require to do your due diligence and QA, our simulated test environments give you complete control over a wide range of variables. Our engineering experts will work with your team to develop the best testing sequence. Using sophisticated data-capturing tools, we can produce quantifiable results that either demonstrate compliance or provide you with a road map to refining your product.

Contact NTS Today for More Information

NTS operates simulation testing chambers in several labs across the country. Aerospace industry customers have convenient options on both coasts, where we can provide simulated space testing and other services. To discuss your project with one of our engineers or to request a free quote for a simulation test, contact an NTS lab near you.

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