Vibratin Testing

Vibration Testing

NTS can perform both random and sine vibration testing for a diverse selection of clients including automotive, aerospace and military device manufacturers. Anticipating how a product will react to the shocks and vibrations it encounters during shipping or everyday use is a critical part of testing and quality control. With shaker tables in a variety of sizes, including dual shakers that can meet 70,000 force pounds, our vibration testing labs are fully equipped to perform a full selection of tests that will allow you to make informed decisions and comply with your industry’s regulatory requirements.

Shaker Vibration Testing

Real World Simulation Through Random Vibration Testing

Most vibration in the real world is random. For example, a vehicle traveling over roads experiences random vibration from the road’s irregularities. A ground-launched rocket experiences non-stationary vibration during its flight — the motor ignites, the rocket travels through the atmosphere, the motor burn ends, and so forth. Even a wing, when subjected to turbulent airflow, undergoes a random vibration response.

For these reasons, it is essential that any vibration testing protocol accurately reproduces the diversity of forces encountered by an object over the course of its operational life. Random vibration testing to failure can identify weaknesses and other design issues, allowing you to further refine your product. Among the many items typically tested with random vibration are motorcycle components, jet engines, cruise missiles, catalytic converters and any products that will see transportation.

NTS Vibration Testing Capabilities

NTS is capable of generating up to 70,000 force pounds with tandem shakers and up to 45,000 force pounds on a single shaker. NTS has performed vibration testing in excess of 200 GRMS in a single band and can hook up in excess of 100 data channels. Our engineers understand proper placement of accelerometers and force limiting instrumentation. Need a high number of data channels? Our systems can accommodate 60 or more data channels and still give you the data right at the end of the test with a formal report following in less than two weeks.

NTS performs a wide variety of tests designed to evaluate equipment and materials when subjected to various types of noise/sound.  Contact us today for more information about how we can assist with your specific vibration testing requirements.

Our Facilities

NTS vibration testing labs have been carefully calibrated to compensate for the impact of ambient vibrations on testing processes. All buildings have some degree of undesirable vibration, often aggravated by nearby equipment. Minimizing the transfer of vibrations between testing equipment and the facility floor is essential — this is typically done through the use of air bearing pads, high-mass bases and other system components.

At NTS, our facilities have been specifically set up in accordance with current best practices for reaction mass, isolation mass and inertial mass design. This allows us to produce the most accurate results when performing vibration tests on sensitive components.

50 Years of Vibration Testing Expertise

Advanced facilities are only one of the reasons why NTS has been a valued vibration testing partner to manufacturers and contractors for more than 50 years. Our engineers are available to assess your project requirements, determine the best sequence of tests to prepare your product for the market, or meet military, NASA, ISO or other standards. To request a quote or further information about our vibration testing services, contact us by phone or email.

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