Vibration Testing at Santa Clarita

Dynamics Testing

NTS has some of the most extensive dynamics testing capabilities in the world. Our Dynamics Testing capabilities cover everything from HALT/HASS to PyroShock to Corrosion and Reliability testing and more. We operate Dynamics Testing facilities from coast to coast and we have extensive experience with all product types.

Dynamic Testing Highlights

Acceleration: Our high-level capabilities include centrifuges ranging from 1 ft (0.3m) to 62 ft (16m) in diameter and offer up to 750g (7,350 m/s2) acceleration.

Acoustic Noise: NTS helps you evaluate the effect large airborne pressure fluctuations will have on materials and functionality of devices. Our state-of-the-art test facilities include a 5,000 cubic foot reverb chamber in a 1,400 square foot High Bay Class 100k clean room.

Bird Strike / Impact Testing: We have structures and devices capable of a variety of FOD simulations, including bird strike and hail in a number of laboratories across the US.

Corrosion: Our corrosion testing laboratories are equipped to provide corrosion testing and corrosion monitoring under accelerated conditions to simulate years’ worth of accumulated corrosion within a period of days.

Drop: We offer a wide array of drop testing, from inclination to free-fall, to evaluate products, packaging, and vehicles and can conduct drop at high and low temperatures and altitudes.

Materials Fatigue: Our engineers develop a customized fatigue testing and analysis program to assess how your manufacturing materials will endure the cyclic stress of their intended application.

HALT/HASS/HATS: Highly accelerated life, stress, and thermal stress testing allow for the evaluation of the overall robustness of your product.

Shock: NTS shock testing capabilities include pyro-shock, mechanical shock, thermal shock, shipboard shock (MIL-DTL-901E), hammer shock, simulated catapult launch/arrested landing, and more.

Vibration: Over 100 electro-dynamic, seismic and servo-hydraulic exciters are available for vibration testing, from small components to entire systems for automotive, aircraft, shipboard, and rail. Capabilities vary from very low seismic frequencies to over 10kHz. and up to 70,000 force pounds.

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