Ammunition and Firearms

Ammunition and Firearm Testing


Pressure / Velocity (SAAMI) / Accuracy / Dispersion

Ballistic Clay forms for ammunition and firearm testing
Ballistic Clay Forms at our Chesapeake Lab

Conditioned ammunition firing on our fully instrumented 300 meter and 3000 meter ballistic test ranges against a full spectrum of range and engagement azimuths. Weapons can be fired from a wide variety of improved, fully instrumented firing positions.

Multiple high speed digital video cameras are available at these ranges with typical framing rates to 160,000 frames per second (fps).

  • Characterization, penetration, performance and functional arena testing including ITOP 4-2-813 and FM 101-51-3 Z-data to determine fragment mass and velocity spatial distributions to support lethality assessment.
  • Comprehensive environmental testing IAW MIL-STD-810 of component and full scale all up rounds including vibration, shock, temperature, humidity, altitude, blowing rain, sand and dust, fungus, and pyrotechnic shock.
  • MIL-STD-331 Fuze and Fuze Systems testing including Jolt, Jumble, Environmental, and ESD

Ammunition Testing is conducted in accordance with SAAMI, FBI, and NATO protocols and we are able to provide customized test plans upon request. Our state-of-the-art facility includes in-house case calibration for greater repeatability, more accurate data sets, and faster turn-around time, Piezo-electric transducers for pressure measurement, and various SAAMI and NATO compliance test barrels.

Ammunition Testing

  • Pressure & velocity measurement
  • Proof testing
  • Cook-off testing
  • Less-than-lethal testing
  • Projectile characterization
  • Quality control inspection
  • Performance evaluations for accuracy and dispersion
  • Corrosive primer testing
  • Primer sensitivity testing
  • Environmental testing


Firearms Testing

Indoor Ballistic Test Range
Indoor Ballistic Test Range
  • Testing IAW various test standards and test methods
    • California Department of Justice
    • Massachusetts Handgun
    • SAAMI
    • NIJ 0112.03
    • TOP-3-2-045
  • Firearm Tests Include:
    • Accuracy & Dispersion
    • Rate-of-fire
    • Barrel erosion & barrel life
    • Weapon endurance
    • Trigger pull
    • Recoil
    • Shock transmittance
    • Proof testing
    • Indoor and outdoor range options
  • Firearm Safety Device (FSD) Testing For:
    • Lockboxes
    • Gun cabinets
    • Gun safes
    • Cable locks
    • Chamber locks
    • Magazine blocks
    • Padlocks
    • Trigger locks
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation and measuring equpiment including:
    • FARO laser scanners and point probles
    • Doppler Radar System for continuous velocity measurements
    • High-speed video cameras (color and monochrome)
      – 1ms exposure, up to 100,000 frames per second
      – 2D & 3D video analyis (velocity tracking)
    • Highly accurate and calibrated velocity measurement equipment
      – Optical Screens
      – Magnetic Screens (for small fragments)
      – Paper break screens for special requirements
    • Ballistic clay and gel testing (US Army, FBI, DEA, DHS)
    • Various environmental chambers
    • Accelerometers and force transducers
    • X-ray computed tomography
    • Digital radiography
    • Ultrasound
    • Dye penetrant
    • Magnetic Particle Inspection

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