ASM Test Methods and Standards Testing

ASM International, is a professional organization for materials scientists and engineers working with metals. "Led by its members, guided by the members needs and fueled by member participation," sharing information and ideas through international conferences and expositions, seminars and local chapter meetings. ASM provides several information resources, including standards and the ASM Handbooks, a series of reference books that provide data on various types of metals. These handbooks are recognized as a standard reference in the field of materials science. Examples of topics covered by the ASM handbooks are mechanical properties of metals, corrosion studies, and much more. Other publications include the Handbook of Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams (ISBN 0-87170-403-X) and the Handbook of Ternary Alloy Phase Diagrams (ISBN 0-87170-525-7), both comprehensive indexes of where alloy phase diagrams can be found in the literature.

ASM Test Methods