Pneumatics Test System

South Pneumatics Test Facility

South Pneumatics Test Facility

The South Pneumatics Test Facility at NTS Santa Clarita opened in 2016, expanding the air testing capacity and capabilities of the pneumatics testing offered by Santa Clarita.

Flow Testing Facility

  • Up to 300 lbs/min at 300 psi
  • 1,200°F temperature delivery to equipment under test
  • 3 test bays
  • 15,000 SCFM low pressure blower
South Test Cells with Air Flow Drops
  South Pneumatics Compressor Bank

High Pressure Facility

  • GN2 & GH3 testing up to 6,000 psig
  • High pressure blow downs for rated flow, pressure drop, etc.
  • HIgh temperature furnace for testing up to 2,000°F
  • Helium recovery system to reduce program costs
South High Pressure Gas Test Cells
  South High Pressure GN2 and GHe Storage Tanks and LN2 Pump