NEBS Testing


NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) is the generic requirement for the spatial environmental, EMI/EMC, and product safety of telecom equipment being deployed in the Central Office locations of the Public Switch Telephone Network. These requirements are mandated by the network carriers providing confidence that equipment has a high degree of reliability and will work under extreme environments while maintaining service for their customers.

NTS provides complete NEBS testing to meet the needs of our clients. With a network of Verizon certified labs, NTS provides extensive engineering services and program management to help clients understand and comply with these stringent NEBS standards reducing non-compliances during product development and minimizing delays in time to market deployment..

The network of NTS NEBS laboratories that are Verizon ITL certified can be found at the following:

Manufacturers benefit when testing with NTS and participating in the NTS NEBS quality program. With the suite of international regulatory accreditations, testing at NTS will not only support your NEBS objectives but also support your international regulatory objectives in a cost effective and time efficient manner. Participation in the NTS NEBS quality program supports ongoing product compliance throughout the entire product life cycle. By maintaining compliance through the life of the product, manufacturers maintain the integrity of their equipment and can prevent expensive recalls.

The NTS NEBS mark is recognized throughout the telecom industry as a quality standard that ensures product reliability. When displayed the mark assures potential buyers that the equipment has met the NEBS requirements and was tested by a quality organization.

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