NTS Smart Suite

As a leader in Smart Grid testing and validation, NTS has worked with numerous utilities in the validation of Smart Energy devices, such as in-home displays, smart thermostats, and energy service portals. NTS, during its testing of various devices, has identified specific areas in which standard Smart Energy certification testing is lacking, but which utilities deem vital to products rolled out in their Smart Grid networks. The NTS Smart Suite Certification Program helps you answers important questions about your product that utilities will want to know, such as:

  • Can a device recover from a power outage?
  • Can a device talk to the meter throughout the house?
  • Can a device talk to other devices in the house?
  • Can the device survive for long periods of time on the network without failures?

NTS has rolled out three test programs, focusing on key components that are highly important in the selection of devices for utilities:

  • iSmart – The NTS iSmart testing focuses on interoperability testing in order to verify that these devices will function correctly with other devices. Testing covers negative, corner, functional, and other test cases not covered by standard certification testing.
  • rSmart – The NTS rSmart testing focuses on the RF performance of Smart Energy devices. Testing covers transmission and receiving power, robustness to interference, and the impact of building materials on the performance of these devices. NTS can use both simulated environments (brick, drywall, etc. mini-buildings), as well as real-world businesses and residences.
  • sSmart – The NTS sSmart testing focuses on the security of these devices. Testing covers validation of trust center and security keys to make sure that communications via the protocol are secure.

NTS provides these programs for manufacturers to pre-validate their devices, as well as a key component of a detailed validation program for utilities wishing to vet devices before they are released on their Smart Grid network. In addition, NTS also has developed test tools for vendors to evaluate their ZigBee Smart Energy devices.

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Updated April 15, 2015