Ballistic Material Testing

The ability of military-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) to withstand a ballistic impact is critical. Proper testing is a requirement of any product covered by MIL-H, MIL-STD, NIJ and other regulatory standards. National Technical Systems (NTS) — one of the largest networks of testing labs in the country — performs industry-leading destructive material testing out of its Wichita, Kansas location. Staffed by expert engineers who can develop a comprehensive testing routine for your product, NTS Wichita is a key partner to the defense contractors whose products are keeping American troops and law enforcement officials safe around the world.

About NTS Wichita

NTS’s Wichita, Kansas facility is one of the best equipped ballistic material testing labs in the country. Our independently verified facility can provide accurate analyses of the effectiveness of body armor, helmets and firearm locking devices.

Measurement and Analysis Capabilities

NTS Wichita has three ballistic ranges, each capable of testing full-scale products. Material testing ranges are equipped with some of the most sophisticated monitoring tools available, including:

  • High-speed video: NTS Wichita features two high-speed video cameras — a Phantom 7.2 that can record at 250,000 frames per second and a Phantom V312 that records at speeds up to 500,000 fps.
  • FARO laser scanners:Capable of making precise measurements at intervals as small as 0.0006”, FARO Arm and Geomagic Qualify software is a vital ally to enhanced ballistic material testing.
  • Oehler chronographs:Each range utilizes redundant Oehler Model 55 chronographs and Oehler Model 34 ballistic computers to ensure accurate velocity measurements.
  • Doppler radar:The USTL facility is currently the only independent test facility in the United States utilizing Doppler radar technology for velocity measurement.

An investment in sophisticated measurement technology allows us to provide key insights that push the leading edge of ballistic material testing, giving you the insights you need to develop more powerful and effective products.

Safe, Remote Monitoring of Material Testing

Unique features of NTS Wichita include a fully protected viewing room equipped a pneumatic trigger device capable of remotely operating either a laser-guided universal receiver or a .22 fragmentation barrel. This allows our engineers to adjust fixtures as necessary to support a variety of test samples and maintain precise environmental controls.

NTS Wichita also features LabInsight, a secure web portal for monitoring test progress remotely. Get real-time access to updates, data, status reports and more. One key goal at NTS is to minimize the time you have to wait between testing and receiving results. Labinsight is just one of the ways we’re helping defense contractors manage these and other important priorities.

Industry Certifications

NTS Wichita has been certified by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLPA) to perform personal body armor testingto the following standards:

  • NIJ Ballistic Resistance of Police Body Armor: NIJ STD 0101.04
  • NIJ Ballistic Resistance of Police Body Armor: NIJ STD0101.03
  • PSDB Body Armor Standards for UK Police - Ballistic
  • FAA Flight deck Penetration Resistance: AC No. 25.795-2
  • NIJ Armor Testing: NIJ STD 0108.01
  • NIJ Ballistic Helmet Testing, NIJ STD 0106.01
  • V50 Ballistic Test for Armor, DOD MIL-STD 662E
  • Bullet Resistant Equipment, UL 752

To discuss your specific regulatory needs with one of our engineers, contact NTS today. We can assess your project’s requirements and arrange a testing program that meets them safely while respecting your budget and your timeline.