Arena Testing

The lethality effectiveness evaluation of advanced warheads requires accurate characterization of the warhead’s fragment mass and velocity distributions, along with the blast overpressure spatial distribution. The NTS Camden test facility has performed a large number of warhead arena tests IAW ITOP 4-2-813 and FM 101-51-3 employing high speed digital video camera systems operating at recording rates as high as 100,000 frames per second and blast overpressure gages up to 150 psi. This testing includes the tailoring of arenas for size, shape, data collection media and placement, and generation of Z-Data reports. Among the specialized arena elements utilized in NTS Camden testing are:

  • Aircraft Components – Cockpit, Fuselage, Wing and Tail Sections
  • Commercial or Military Vehicles – Vans, Trucks, Sedans
  • Armor Materials – Structural Elements, Panels
  • Mannequins – Plywood, Instrumented

NTS can support testing simultaneously at each of its arena test areas with net explosive weights over several hundred pounds. Examples of NTS arena testing are presented in the photographs below.

NTS also performs arena and functional testing of warheads, mines, grenades, ammunition and similar items.

Specialty Targets for Arena Testing

Specialty Targets for Arena Testing Special Targets for Arena Testing