Fuel Tank Testing

If a plane’s fuel delivery systems aren’t capable of withstanding all potential conditions encountered during a flight, it puts everyone and everything onboard at serious risk. Jet fuel tank testing is an essential part of maintaining flightworthy aircraft — and staying in compliance with federal regulations at the manufacturing stage. NTS’s more than 50 years of experience encompasses all types of jet fuel tank testing. We work closely with both aircraft equipment manufacturers and defense contractors to ensure all new products and system components are thoroughly tested and able to deliver reliable, efficient performance in any circumstance.

Fuel Tank Testing by NTS

Whether you are testing a new plastic automotive fuel tank for permeation and vibration resistance or performing qualification testing on a titanium and composite wrap satellite fuel tank, NTS has the facilities, equipment and engineering personnel to help you design and execute your test plan from start to finish. NTS has extensive experience in working with fuel lines, regulators, canisters, fill necks, pumps, sensors, injectors, filters, gasket materials, aluminum, titanium, beryllium and composite material fuel parts and systems. Our clients include suppliers to the three main U.S. automakers as well as foreign automobile manufacturers. In addition, we've participated in the development of virtually all the satellite fuel tanks in use today.

Specialized Fuel Tank Testing

The goal of jet engine testing isn’t limited to making fuel systems run more reliably or efficiently. For defense applications, maintaining compliance with MIL-STD and other standards means developing fuel system components that are tough enough to operate in active combat situations.Specialized fuel tank testing may include bullet impact, cook-off, shock combined with fire and many other combinations. Whatever your concern, we can design a test to find your product's safety parameters.  NTS can perform the following types of testing on your fuel tanks and fuel systems:

  • Acceleration, drop, impact and rollover
  • Helium leak tests
  • Vacuum bake-out
  • Pressure cycling, proof testing and burst tests up to 20,000 psi
  • Thermal growth, long term sag and aging
  • Chemical compatibility
  • CGA testing and refurbishing of all types of compressed gas cylinders
  • DOT certification
  • MIL-STD precision cleaning and phosphate coating of aircraft oxygen cylinders
  • Passivation of fuel components and tanks
  • Cryogenic shock
  • Combined and customized testing programs

Your Single Source Provider for Aviation Systems Testing

Jet fuel tank testing is only one of the many QA and compliance steps required when bringing a new product to market. One of the benefits of working with NTS is that we are capable of handling virtually all environmental, dynamic and other testing you require. We will work with your team and devise a sequence of tests that streamlines your product development cycle and positions you for RTCA DO-160 certification and other relevant standards.

We are proud to be a partner to some of the world’s largest aircraft and aerospace manufacturers, including Boeing, who enlisted us to perform critical fuel system and other testing on the 787 Dreamliner. To discuss the details of an upcoming project and request a free quote for a jet fuel tank test, contact NTS today. With multiple jet fuel tank testing labs around the country, we are conveniently located to serve clients from coast to coast.