Functionality / QA Testing

Hardware and Software Testing

Are you preparing to release a new product? NTS can exercise your product's functionality through alpha, beta and/or golden master phases of development. NTS can start by developing comprehensive test plans and detailing test methodologies or you can supply us with a specific test plan to execute. Functionality testing can be performed on hardware or software products to verify that your product functions exactly as designed.

The general purpose of hardware and software functionality testing is to verify if the product performs as expected and documented, typically in technical or functional specifications. Developers creating a new product start from a functional specification, which describes the product's capabilities and limitations. NTS Test Engineers utilize this specification, if available, as a guideline for expected product response. Tasks are exercised to test specific features or functions, and the results of these tasks are verified by NTS to be in compliance with the expected response. This type of testing is beneficial to product developers who are creating a new product or an existing product which has undergone significant enhancements or changes in capabilities.

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