Flammability Testing

Fire Testing Needle Flame

Will your products, subsystems or components operate as designed when exposed to fire conditions, or will they go up in flames?  Fire and flammability testing is required for products used in a wide range of industries, including Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications, and Consumer Electronics. NTS offers fire and flammability testing services, typically falling into two categories: 1) ignition and flame spread, and 2) fire resistance.

Ignition and Flame Spread

This type of testing is used to determine the impact of a direct flame on operating or non-operating equipment. Devices tested can range from fuel or hydraulic lines, pumps or actuators for aircraft engines, to telecommunications central office network equipment. Often the test is combined with additional factors, including vibration, pressure, gas and air flow, and temperature variations, depending on formal specification and your individual requirements.

Fire Spread Test GR 63-CORE

GR-63-CORE Fire Spread Test

Fire pread testing is a part of the GR 63-CORE telecommunications standard. During fire spread testing for NEBS certifiation, flames are allowed to leave the confines of the shelf for no longer than 30 seconds along with other criteria. Fire is one of the tests that has undergone major changes in recent years. Verizon (SIT.NEBS.TE.NPI.2002.010, Oct 1, 2002) has implemented different test methods from those found in GR-63-CORE or ANSI T1.319. Fire spread is an ara that careful attention should be paid to, NTS engineers work closely with our customers to minimize the costs of this difficult and destructive test.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance testing simulates the effects of a real fire. It measures the ability of items to continue to function and not burn in a fire environment. The flammability characteristics of materials exposed to controlled external flame are accurately measured. The flammability of the material is determined by a wide range of criteria depending on product type and applicable standards.

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