EMC Testing Services

EMC Testing Services

NTS is known worldwide as an industry-leading provider of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing services. NTS operates the largest network of commercial EMC testing laboratories in North America. We offer EMC testing services to various FCC standards and the CE certification requirements of the EU. We also provide industry-specific EMC testing services for manufacturers of telecom, defense and aerospace equipment. We operate some of the most modern and highly-equipped test labs in the business, staffed by some of the most experienced engineers and technicians in the field of EMC testing and compliance. We are capable of testing to the most extreme limits and the most challenging standards. In short, there is little in the way of EMC testing that we cannot handle.

EMC Emissions Testing

  • Radiated emissions —Radiated emissions testing is an important part of EMI certification for many electronic devices intended for the consumer or military marketplace. NTS employs EMI testing procedures to identify radiation over a broad frequency spectrum for pre-compliance, QA or any other purposes.  
  • Conducted emissions — Conducted emissions testing typically involves testing power leads for interference at frequencies between 30 Hz to 10 kHz. Conducted EMI testing is a requirement for obtaining FCC approval for consumer goods.

EMC Immunity Testing

Electrical immunity refers to the ability of a device to tolerate interference from other nearby sources of radiation. Immunity testing is a required part of EMI compliance in the United States for medical devices, and for a wide range of consumer products in the European Union. At NTS, we can conduct EMI testing procedures for various types of electrical immunity, including:

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) —ESD testing measures an appliance’s ability to withstand discharge events that occur when a user touches it at the same time as a nearby metallic surface.
  • Harmonics and flicker —Harmonic frequencies above 50 or 60 Hz, as well as voltage dips in the 5-15 Hz range, can both cause unwanted interference for electronic devices. Any thorough EMI electromagnetic interference testing process should simulate these conditions.
  • Electrical fast transients — EFTs involve a high frequency disturbance on a power or signal line that occurs when inductive loads are switched on or off.
  • Voltage dips and interrupts — Testing for voltage dips and interrupts (VDIs) involves simulating temporary brown out or black out conditions on the AC line.
  • Electrical surge — Surge testing is an important part of EMI analysis. NTS simulates the effects of a lightning strike on a nearby power or long distance IO line by producing a low frequency, high energy electrical transient and measuring the device’s response.

Your individual testing requirements may involve all, some or none of these factors. At NTS, our engineers are available to help you assess your needs and develop an EMI testing procedure that is both thorough and cost-effective.

For more than 50 years, we have been helping manufacturers and military contractors clear regulatory hurdles and develop more sophisticated products through advanced testing. We maintain a network of fully equipped labs around the country and can quickly prepare a quote for your upcoming project.Please contact us today for more information about how NTS can assist with your EMC testing needs.