HASS Testing

Highly accelerated stress screening (HASS) is used to identify potential defects in the production stages of a product’s development lifecycle. As opposed to HALT (highly accelerated life testing), which is performed during initial design and development, HASS focuses on the processes and workflows required to bring a product to market. HASS testing allows you to identify the manufacturing issues that will lead to product failure down the line, giving you the opportunity to make appropriate changes to reduce your liability.

National Technical Systems (NTS) offers HASS testing out of our Fullerton, California facility. Our engineers can design a complex testing protocol that will help you identify latent manufacturing issues before they cause expensive problems.

The HASS Testing Process

HASS testing is similar to HALT testing in that it seeks to accelerate and amplify the combination of stresses a product or component incurs throughout its operational life. This is done through an extended sequence of thermal, mechanical, environmental, electrical and other tests — components are repeatedly heated and cooled, subjected to pseudo-random vibrational stresses, powered on and off repeatedly at incorrect voltages, and cycled through random extremes of humidity. The acceleration process allows these stresses, which would otherwise accumulate over years of use, to be identified sooner.

The purpose of HASS testing is to push the test device to its limits and identify the causes of failure most likely to be an issue. Our engineers may use data from previous HALT profiles to aid with this, or they may develop an entirely new sequence of tests that reflects the environmental conditions your product will be used in.

Benefits of HASS Testing

There are many advantages to implementing a HASS testing protocol early in the production phase. By exposing causes of latent failure, HASS testing can:

  • Minimize expensive warranty claims, helping you set appropriate warranty and return policies for your product.
  • Reduce your time to market by identifying potential issues early, giving you the opportunity to take corrective action ahead of time.
  • Develop more mature, reliable and durable products overall, increasing consumer confidence and ultimately driving profits through increased sales and loyalty.

HASS Testing at NTS

HASS testing is a multi-step process that requires sophisticated equipment and engineering expertise. At NTS, we are uniquely equipped to assist with all stages of this process. Our engineers will work with your team to determine when faults exist, perform comprehensive failure analyses that get at the root causes of these faults, take corrective action and ultimately verify that this action has been successful. We can provide HASS testing for consumer goods as well as products destined for the aerospace, military, telecommunications and other specialized markets.

To start the process, contact our office to discuss your project requirements. Our team will provide a free quote and timeline that reflects your budget and needs.