Information for Device Vendors

PG&E is using NTS, a qualified third-party ZigBee laboratories for its HAN validation testing. At this time, PG&E is accepting completed CA IOUs Submission Form, Application & Agreement forms from interested device vendors.

PG&E has selected NTS to validate that a device can successfully connect ("join") with PG&E's SmartMeter™ in order to provide device users with near real-time energy use. PG&E supports issues relating to device connectivity to the meter; however, PG&E does not provide support for other device functionality. Customers must troubleshoot any functionality issues with the device vendor directly (see the list of approved device vendors and products here).

How to Participate in HAN Device Validation

Please submit your completed CA IOUs Submission Form, Application & Agreement which includes the Device Submission Form, Application and Agreement, to

Your submission will initiate participation the HAN Device Validation process outlined below. Upon receipt, NTS will review the application (based on PG&E's guidelines) on a first-come, first-served basis. NTS will also confirm receipt within five (5) business days by replying to the device vendor via email.

If the application meets all criteria outlined in the guide, NTS will provide information on the testing program, including a test contract, shipping information, etc. Once NTS provides testing results to PG&E, PG&E will approve the test results and NTS will notify device vendors of device validation status (PASS/FAIL).

NTS will publish a list of validated devices on behalf of PG&E on its website. Other devices may be compatible on PG&E's network, and customers can attempt to register any ZigBee Smart Energy profile 1.0 or 1.1 device with the SmartMeter™. However, PG&E cannot guarantee that devices not included on PG&E's list of validated devices are compatible with its' SmartMeter™ and systems. For more information, see PG&E's Frequently Asked Questions.

Please Note:

  • This process is designed to validate functionality, including usage data, price, messaging and Demand Response notifications, including net meters. 
  • This application is for PG&E validation only. Each California utility is responsible for separately evaluating applications for validation. Note that NTS can also provide HAN testing for SDG&E (San Diego Gas & Electric). 
  • No device or appliance will be accepted that has exposed electronic components.
  • In addition to the test cases contained in the CA IOUs Submission Form, Application & Agreement, PG&E's test plan includes test cases relating to Messaging and Net Metering.

Additional Information on Device Validation Testing

PG&E SmartMeters™ are manufactured by GE and Landis+Gyr with an SSN SmartMeter NIC (Network Interface Card) installed. Each device will be tested against all combinations of meter hardware/firmware listed below. To be validated, a device must pass testing with all meters.

Please note that these combinations may change as PG&E makes upgrades to its systems. Current firmware is 2.10.8.

Meter Hardware NIC Hardware/Configuration
Vendor Form Model NIC
210 NEMs
310 NEMs
  2S I210+ DS 1 1 1 1
GE 3S I210+ 1 1   1
  12S I210+ N DS 1 1   1
  9S kV2ce 1 1   1
L+G 2S Focus AX-SD 1 1 1 1
  2K Focus AX 1 1   1
Sub-Total 6 6 2 6
Total Meters 20        

Meter list as of November 2013

Only the version of device firmware that has been successfully tested is considered a validated device. PG&E will publish the device firmware version on its website.

Updated April 16, 2015