International Approvals

Taiwan Safety, EMC, Radio and Telecommunication Product Approvals

BSMI, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection under the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) is the authority responsible for the development, compilation, and publication of “Chinese National Standards” (CNS) as well as for conformity assessment. BSMI also implements commodity inspection measures as stipulated in Taiwan’s Commodity Inspection Law. The BSMI administers the CNS Market Certification System, whereby products meeting standards are allowed to carry the CNS mark.

Safety and EMC approval is required for most electronic devices, radio approval is required for any device with a radio interface, and telecom approval is mandatory for all telecom interfaces (not Ethernet).

The Taiwan Registration of Product Certification (RPC) System outlines seven modules which take into account the characteristics of the products or product sectors in meeting the regulatory requirements. These seven modules cover the design and production phases of products, allowing for testing and approval early in the development cycle, thus reducing costs for the manufacturers. The Declaration of Conformity (DOC) is the least restrictive conformity assessment procedures and is currently applies only to low-risk products with stable technologies and few concerns of risk or danger.

NTS is a US based CAB (Conformity Assessment Body) recognized by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) of Chinese-Taipei for Chinese-Taipei BSMI Phase 1.  NTS laboratories in Massachusetts, Colorado, California, and Texas are approved to conduct EMC testing (SL2-IN-E-013R) for information technology equipment, ITE, to CNS 13438 requirements. Lead time for testing is around 5 – 7 weeks. BSMI marking must be on the product, statements must be on the product and manual, D or R number must be below the logo depending upon the approval scheme. Documentation for Class A products must be in traditional Chinese.

Taiwan Safety and EMC Specific Details

• Safety reports (IEC 60950) has to be converted to CNS

• A list of critical components (EMC and Safety) must be declared according to BSMI regulations

• Some components demands BSMI certificate (certificate must be provided)

• Other components demands IEC certificate (certificate must be provided)

• Other can be declared as tested with the product

• DoC approval scheme are usually required for Ethernet Switches, RPC approval scheme is usually required for Servers

• Mandatory approval list is based on HS Code. Recently Safety tests and requirements were added to many IT Equipments (HS Codes), so DoCs and RPCs has to be updated.

• EMC tests must be done in a 10m Chamber

Some of the documents required for approval are:

• Manual (Traditional Chinese, with statements), Photos (high quality), Block Diagrams, Schematics, Label with BSMI logo, Certificate of components, etc.

Taiwan Radio and Telecom Approvals Specific Details

The National Communication Commission is the regulating authority for radio and telecommunication products in Taiwan. Approval is mandatory to the NCC Standards (LP0002) and certificates are issued by NCC or accredited bodies. Testing is conducted by accredited labs, either locally or under an MRA. Turnaround time for testing is approximately 5-7 weeks.

Specific Items

• LP002 report can leverage some tests from FCC report but there are additional tests, make sure your lab has the correct accreditations

• The lab that has issued FCC report must issue the LP002

• Ethernet is not considered telecom for NCC

• Depending on the telecom interface, the approval has to be issued by NCC (directly) and tests must be done in-country.

Some of the documents required for approval are:

• Manual, Photos, Block Diagrams, Schematics, Certificate of components, Business licenses, etc.