International Approvals

Mexico Safety, EMC, Radio and Telecom Product Approvals NOM, IFETEL

Mexico NOM Product Safety Approval

Product safety approvals for Mexico are regulated by the Secretaria de Economia as the NOM Certification.  Certification is mandatory depending upon the HS code above 48V. Standards include NOM-001, NOM-016, and NOM-019. Certificates are issued by accredited certification bodies, NYCE, Factual, and Ance and are valid for 1 year. Testing must be done in country and turnaround is 3-4 weeks. The NOM-CB mark must be on the product.

Specific Items for the NOM Product Safety Approval

• NOM-019 can be issued for product with external power supply

• Certificate can list up to 11 models

• Customs does not stop low voltage products (below 48V) *

• Second path for compliance is the NOM Dictamen (exemption), it applies for HSE only. NOM mark cannot be used on the product, 20 shipments.

• Third path for compliance is the NRTL recognition. Agreement between USA and Mexico, Mexico customs has to accept NRTL.

Some of the documents required for approval are: for approval are:

• User Manual, Photos (especially about the openings), Safety Reports, Block Diagram and Label with NOM mark for each model.

• Manuals in Spanish are required for some types of products.

Mexico IFETEL Certification for Radio and Telecom Products

IFETEL certification is mandatory for radio and telecom devices, however it is not required for Ethernet switches. Standards include NOM-083, NOM-121, NOM-151, and NOM-152. Certificates are issued by IFETEL (and NOM NYCE when local tests are required). For the majority of the product types, the first certificate (temporary) is valid for 1 year, and then it is allowed to apply for a permanent certificate. Turnaround time is 8-10 weeks, with the certificate number available in 4 weeks. There is no product marketing, the IFETEL number however must be on the product.

When the NOM standard is applicable

• Tests must be done in Mexico (or MRA)

• NYCE has to issue the NOM certificate before IFETEL approval starts.

• When NOM-121 is applicable, a Spanish statement must be on the manual

When NOM standards are not applicable

• Approval will be based on expert evaluation of documents

• Certificate can list only one model, certificate extension can list additional models

• Modular approval is acceptable and enough

Some of the documents required for approval are: for approval are:

• User Manual, Photos, FCC reports, Block Diagram, Manuals in Spanish