International Approvals

Israel Safety, EMC, Radio and Telecommunications MOC, MOEC, SII Product Approvals

Safety and EMC Approvals for Israel MOEC / SII

The MOEC/SII regulates the Safety and EMC approvals for Israel. The SII Certification (MOEC approval is for some types of products) is mandatory. Testing is conducted to international standards. Certificates are issued by SII (valid 4 years), while MOITAL issues a letter (valid 1 year). SII Marking is required depending upon the approval scheme.

Radio and Telecom Approvals for Israel MOC

The Ministry of Communication manages the MOC Approval process for Radio and Telecom products in Israel. The MOC approval is mandatory for Radio and Telecom products. Products are tested against international standards, EN, EC, ETC, etc., testing can be conducted by foreign labs and 10 year certificates are issued by MOC.

Specific Considerations for Safety, EMC and Telecom in Israel

  • MOEC/SII approval is based on HS Code (list of mandatory HS codes)
  • MOEC approval exempts the need of SII approval
  • Depending on the frequency range, MOC approval may delay as they have to request military clearance/approval first.
  • MRA for telecom was signed by USA and Israel.

Some of the documents required for approval are:

  • MOEC: Manual, Photos, Safety and EMC reports, Labels, BOM, block diagrams, schematics, etc.
  • MOC: Manual, photos, Safety/EMC/Telecom reports, etc.