International Approvals

Brazil INMETRO Safety and EMC Testing

The approval for Safety and EMC in Brazil is the INMETRO Certification. It is voluntary for ITE, but mandatory for home appliances and other products. The standards include the IEC NBR 60950 and IEC NBR 60335 among others. The certificates are issued by the accreditation bodies based upon test reports traceable to ILAC. The lead time for this certification is 5-6 weeks, documentation is provided in Portuguese and the INMETRO-CB mark must be used on the product following approval.

Additional Details
INMETRO Voluntary Certificate for Information Technology Equipment:

  • Government purchases demand INMETRO certified IT equipment
  • EMC is required for IT Equipment
  • Energy Efficiency is required for computers
  • Factory inspection is required initially and annually there after

Documentation required for approval:

  • Manual, photos, safety reports, FI report, Label with INMETRO mark for each model
  • Manuals in Portuguese may not be required for certification but it is mandatory by consumer law