International Approvals

Australian Safety, EMC, Radio and Telecommunications RCM Product Approvals

EMC, Radio and Telecom are mandatory for the Australian and New Zealand markets, Safety is mandatory for some IT equipment. ERAC / EESS governs the safety regulations while ACMA regulates the EMC, Radio and Telecom regulations.

There are three classifications of equipment, and approval against international (EN and IEC) standards as well as local standards is mandatory. Self-declaration or Certification body methods are acceptable depending upon the product. Turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks, the RCM mark must be used on the product.

  • Equipment must have RCM mark
  • Electrical Safety Certification is not an option anymore in some states.

RCM does not cover:

  • Telecommunication approvals in NZ, in this case Telepermit approval is required.
  • Radio approval in NZ for non-harmonized frequency ranges, in this case
  • RNZ approval is required.