International Approvals

Brazil ANATEL – Radio and Telecommunications Testing

ANATEL, the National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil, is the regulatory body governing the Radio and Telecommunications product approvals in Brazil.   Telecommunications products and accessories are required to have the Brazlian ANATEL certification and homologation in order to be sold and used in Brazil. Products which are regulated by agencies in other countries, such as the FCC in the US are not allowed to be imported or used in Brazil without the ANATEL homologation.  Brazilian homologation can be obtained by not only the manufacturer of the product, but the supplier and importers of the product in Brazil, or private individuals or companies.

Accredited laboratories located in Brazil conduct the testing, and a local representative is required for ANATEL homologation, but not for the OCD certificate. Lead time for testing and approval is approximately 8 to 12 weeks. The ANATEL label must be included on the approved product. The statement is mandatory on the product for some radios (13.56 MHz, 2.4/5 GHz). As with the INMETRO approval, documentation must be in Portuguese for consumer products.

The Brazil ANATEL certification divides products into three categories, each of which has different requirements. Category 1 is valid for 1 year, Category 2 is valid for 2 years, and Category 3 does not have an expiration date.

ANATEL Category I includes telecommunication products include mobile and satellite phones, VoIP phones, mobile phone batteries and charging cables, phone signal cables and modems. These products must be evaluated by a laboratory accredited by Inmetro, and if the manufacturer does not hold ISO 9001 approval, there are additional requirements for the facility to be audited. These products must go through an annual ANATEL renewal to maintain the certification. The ANATEL renewal process is a simplified version of the testing performed for the original ANATEL approval.

ANATEL Category II are products which are not included in Category I, but make use of the spectrum for signal transmission such as TV and radio antennas, receivers, transmitters, Wi-Fi equipment, and RF automation devices. These products are required to be tested in an approved laboratory and bi-annual ANAL renewal is also required.

ANATEL Category III products are those which do not fall into either of the other two categories, but still need to meet Brazilian regulations for interoperability, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility. At this time these products do not require renewals after their initial laboratory testing approvals.

Additional Details

Tests outside Brazil needs ANATEL authorization, it is possible when:

  • Labs are really busy or are not capable to perform the applicable tests (high power transmitters, STM-256 interfaces, etc
  • 3 steps approval: Tests, OCD Certification, ANATEL homologation
  • Local rep is required for homologation only, make sure reports and certificates will have your name as license holder (applicant)

Some of the documents required for approval are:

Manual (Portuguese if Cat 1 or consumer product), Photos (detailed), ISO 9001 certificates, Label with ANATEL for each model. declarations (Similarity, Nomination, Schematics, etc), Documents from the Local rep, etc.

The NTS International Approvals team works with our customers to determine the number of samples needed for testing for their product category. Some products require more samples to be tested than others. Tests for ANATEL approvals conducted include resistance to electrical and electromagnetic abnormalities, guaranteeing the product’s performance after long periods of use and making sure it meets safety requirements.

Following testing, required reports will be provided allowing the product to obtain the certificate appropriate for the product and use, either a Declaration of Conformity or a Certification of Conformity.