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What is Icontrol OpenHomeTM Certified Testing?

In the expanding market of smart grid and home automation, it’s important to make sure that your products work correctly with the products of other industry leaders. Icontrol has defined a robust set of requirements and tests to ensure service providers using Icontrol OpenHomeTM platforms are able to quickly and easily setup and configure these devices, and consumers are able to use these devices in their homes without issues.

The Icontrol OpenHomeTM Developer Program allows device partners to easily certify their products for use with Icontrol OpenHomeTM platform solutions, including those that power Comcast’s Xfinity Home, Time Warner Cable’s IntelligentHome, and Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, among others. NTS has been selected by Icontrol to perform OpenHomeTM Certified testing. All OpenHomeTM Certified products require prior certification to the ZigBee Home Automation standard. Additional information can be found at the IControl OpenHomeTM Developer Program page on Icontrol’s website.

IControl OpenHomeTM Certified testing is available at NTS now. Contact us today for more information.

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