Reverberation Testing
Simplify the compliance process of your most complex systems

Why use a Reverb Chamber?

Reverb chambers are useful for various forms of testing including radiated susceptibility, radiated emissions (total radiated power), shielding effectiveness, and many other troubleshooting scenarios for equipment utilized in the Aerospace, Defense, and Automotive sectors. In addition to being called out as the recommended and preferred method to show compliance for large and/or complex Level A (flight critical) systems, reverb chambers provide a time and cost savings benefit over anechoic chambers.

Acceptable Test Methods

Both direct illumination and reverberation test methods are acceptable paths to certification. Learn about the pros and cons of each and whether the reverberation testing method is right for your program. NTS has the ability to test in both methods and the engineering expertise to help you select the method that is best for your product.

Reverberation Testing at NTS

Largest Network of EMC Facilities

The NTS network of EMC testing facilities is the largest in North America, operated by some of the most experienced engineers and technicians in the field. NTS currently supports our customers RF testing using reverberation chambers in five of our twelve EMC facilities located in Massachusetts, Texas, Arizona, California, and Illinois.

Supporting Your Test Program Needs

These new chambers and amplifiers can achieve greater than DO-160 Category L levels and we are your one-stop-shop for all DO-160 test methods and other test programs.

Work with Test Experts

Understand the Process

You've invested lots of time in project development, so we encourage clients to ask questions and talk with our experts about the reverberation testing process. We can help show you why it is the preferred test method for troubleshooting and compliance in the aerospace, defense and automotive markets.

Our Process

Along with a high level of personalized service, NTS facilities employ design engineers and maintain in-house machine shops to ensure that each program moves smoothly from planning to execution to reporting.

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