NTS Expands Testing Capabilities with Successful Launch of Zigbee Compliant Platform Certification Program in U.S. and Asian Facilities

Calabasas, CA – November 8, 2005 - National Technical Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTSC), a leading provider of quality and conformance testing and managed services, announced today certification of four wireless reference products as ZigBee Compliant Platforms. The testing and certification were conducted in accordance with the recently completed and Alliance-member ratified ZigBee Compliant Platform certification program. NTS is a charter member of the ZigBee Alliance along with manufacturers including Motorola, Honeywell, Samsung Electronics, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Philips and Ember Corp. NTS has formed an alliance with Ember Corporation that has enabled NTS experts to build a proprietary test system that fully automates certification process.  

NTS has played a key role in developing the ZigBee Compliant Platform certification program and associated ZigBee Alliance policies. The ZigBee Alliance has designated NTS as one of  only two compliance test centers to certify platforms and future end products utilizing the ZigBee technology. Subsequent to the completion of the certification testing, NTS globally expanded its ZigBee capabilities by transferring the expertise to its Asian facilities through employee training and placement of appropriate test equipment.  

“We currently can conduct ZigBee Test Programs for 15-20% less than the competition because our staff has the experience and our investment in the test systems to automate the tests and reports wherever possible,” comments Osman Sakr , chief technology officer of NTS. “We expect the ZigBee standard to be widely adopted because it is truly an open standard.”  

“NTS provides strong customer support because they have extensive experience with very complex protocols and understand the significant issues in providing interoperability testing,” according to Venkat Bahl, vice chairperson of the San Ramon, CA-based ZigBee Alliance.