Ford Super Bowl Commercial Filmed at NTS Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita, CA – February 4, 2008 –National Technical Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: NTSC) (NTS), a leading provider of engineering services, announced today the usage of their Santa Clarita, CA facility centrifuge in the Ford Motor Company’s commercial which aired during the Super Bowl February 3, 2008.

The commercial, which also featured spokesperson Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel program Dirty Jobs, features a bright red Ford F150 swinging from the end of the 25-foot centrifuge at high velocity, up to 6 g’s. To view the “Centrifuge” commercial, click here.

In preparation for the filming, the already impressive centrifuge test area received a makeover which included excavating ten feet below the centrifuge base in order to accommodate the length of the truck hanging vertically from its front tow hooks.

Preliminary load tests were conducted on the front bumper assembly to ensure the performance and safety of the vehicle during its spin on the centrifuge. During acceleration, the front tow hooks of the truck supported its entire weight of 5,300 pounds, as well as approximately 20,800 pounds of additional load due to the centrifugal force.

NTS Santa Clarita is the largest of NTS’ network of 18 test facilities, encompassing over 150 acres. The conduct of extreme dynamic testing programs at the Santa Clarita facility is routine; in addition to the centrifuge, the facility also boasts a 40-ft drop tower,  1500 cubic foot thermal vacuum chamber, and a 5,000 cubic foot acoustic noise reverberation chamber, as well as numerous other large chambers providing explosive atmosphere, pyrotechnic shock, vibration, and environmental simulations. Other programs tested at NTS Santa Clarita include THAAD, MX Peacekeeper, the Mars Rover and the International Space Station. 

About NTS

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