National Technical Systems Performs Initial Electric Power Testing on CSeries Aircraft

Will also Perform Further EMC Testing on Electric Power System To Qualify New Single-Aisle Commercial Airliner

Calabasas, CA and Rockford, IL (December 4, 2013)…National Technical Systems, Inc. (NTS), a leading provider of testing and engineering services, announced today that it performed testing on the electric power system for the CSeries* aircraft, a new single-aisle jet airliner developed by Canada-based Bombardier Aerospace that is currently in its flight test program. NTS’ testing was performed at its Rockford facility where further testing to support formal qualification of the system will be ongoing over the next few months.

The initial contract called for testing on four major electric subsystems, including primary power generation, secondary power distribution, emergency power and auxiliary power. NTS engineers tested the electric systems for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and interference.

NTS President and CEO William C. McGinnis noted that the Company’s Rockford facility has been designed to perform a wide variety of electric power testing for a broad range of customers.

“Our Rockford lab is a primary provider of EMC testing for electric power generating systems, especially for aerospace and defense customers, and we have equipped it to be one of most modern EMC/EMI testing facilities in North America,” said McGinnis. “The facility’s assets include 12 fully automated test chambers with a U.S. Federal Communications Commission-listed chamber, a reverberation chamber, multiple U.S. Department of Defense military-standard chambers and multiple advanced resources for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and EMC testing. We believe the breadth of capabilities in Rockford allowed us to play an important role in the testing of the CSeries aircraft, a very high-profile, new commercial jet for the 100- to 149-seat market segment and an exciting project.”

About NTS Rockford
NTS Rockford, formerly Ingenium Testing, is a full-service EMI/EMC engineering and testing facility capable of managing the most complex aerospace, defense, commercial, and telecommunications programs. The more than 83,000-square-foot facility offers unique capabilities for testing power systems producing up to 260 kVA and more. Seven chambers are configured with drive stand portals and load rooms. Two 500 HP drives and one 150 HP drive are available; each drive is four-quadrant capable allowing for testing of both motors and generators. NTS Rockford has 12 shielded chambers including an FCC-listed 10-meter chamber and a reverberation chamber. The 10-meter chamber is suitable for testing to most international emissions and susceptibility standards such as CISPR, IEC, VCCI, ANSI, FCC, SAE, and more. The reverberation chamber has a test volume of more than 50 cubic meters with two computer-controlled perpendicular stir assemblies to ensure field uniformity.

About National Technical Systems
National Technical Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of engineering services to the aerospace, defense, telecommunications, automotive and high technology markets. Through a world-wide network of resources, NTS provides full product life-cycle support, offering world class design engineering, compliance, testing, certification, quality registration and program management. For additional information about NTS, visit the Company’s website at or call 800-270-2516.

*Trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.