NTS Lightning Protection Courses

Lightning Protection Courses

Lightning Technologies, Inc., an NTS company, is the premier provider of lightning protection engineering, certification plan preparation and verification testing services to airframe and aerospace systems manufacturers around the world. With a lead role in major commercial and military design programs, LTI engineers take a systemwide approach to assure that lightning protection is compatible with space and weight limitations, electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic pulse. Our experience includes traditional designs, all-composite and fly-by-wire aircraft, as well as avionic upgrades and engine modifications.

We have prepared a series of indepth courses to assist engineers and technicians in designing effective lightning protection for facilities, aircraft, and avionics.

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Lightning Protection of Aircraft

This is a four-and-one-half day course to familiarize aircraft and system or equipment design engineers with the interaction of lightning and static electricity with advanced technology aircraft.

Lightning Protection of Avionics

This is an in-depth, four-and-one-half-day course for engineers concerned with lightning protection design and certification of avionics and other electrical systems.

Lightning Protection for Wind Turbines

The two-day course will provide design engineers, operators and maintenance personnel with the principles of lightning protection design for wind turbine blades, structures and electronic systems.