NTS Integrated Solutions

Meeting the Challenges of Test Lab Operations

In-house test labs struggle to match test capacity with demand. During periods of peak demand management fills capacity gaps with third-party transactional test services, and during periods of low demand underutilized test resources lead to unnecessary costs and overhead. In addition, facilities must be maintained and modernized, capital equipment must be kept ready for use, technical staff must be trained and prepared, and competition among labs for resources results in duplication and redundancies.

Running technologically advanced, efficient test labs for over 50 years. How can we help you?

NTS Integrated Solutions (NTSI) is the strategic partnership division of NTS. Unlike single-site transactional outsourced testing labs, NTSI’s tiered services leverage the largest network of testing locations and capital equipment in North America to improve testing availability, predictability, price, and resource utilization.

NTSI offers tiered services that companies can grow into, not out of. Our services address both the cost of sending testing to an outside lab during peak demand, as well as in-house costs during times of low demand.

Our technologically advanced test capabilities and the expertise of our engineers and dedicated test technicians make NTS the viable commercial alternative to in house testing, especially at times of peak demand.

At times of low test demand, NTSI’s partners off-set the costs of underutilized assets through commercialization, while maintaining the flexibility and access to testing they need.

When testing is not our partner’s core competency, NTSI’s Managed Services provides improved operational efficiency while allowing clients to maintain overall control. NTSI staffs and manages our partners’ in-house test labs, efficiently scaling to demand while still utilizing your test equipment and not compromising on time or proximity.

An NTSI Partnership reduces operating costs of equipment and personnel, reallocates testing space for development and manufacturing, and cuts down on liability related to dangerous operations or surroundings.

If you would like to explore a partnership with NTSI, please contact us today.