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NTS Engineering Services Group Designs and Manufactures Payload Pods for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

NTS Pods Have Flown on Large and Small UAVs

We are pleased to announce that our Engineering Services Group has signed a $1.4 million contract to design and build a series of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) payload pods for Logos Technologies of Fairfax, Virginia under an AFRL/RI-sponsored contract. Called the Mission Payload Pod, MP-2, the lightweight payload pods are designed to support a 25-pound payload capacity per wing of the UAV.

NTS has extensive experience creating payload pods for the UAV industry and NTS pods have flown on large and small UAVs and will soon fly on another small UAV. The MP-2 has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of payloads and heat loads to satisfy changing mission requirements in the field. Our test laboratories document compliance with all vibration, shock, environmental and EMI requirements.

Design variants of the new MP-2 pod will satisfy the SWAP (size, weight and power) requirements for a wide range of applications, noted Belinda Guernsey, NTS Mechanical Engineering Manager.

“NTS is committed to be a leader in the international UAV marketplace,” Belinda Guernsey said. “We have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of light-weight payload pods and aero structures in addition to the nation’s largest network of test laboratories. Our complete set of capabilities ensures a rapid time-to-market or time-to-mission solution.”

The MP-2 common pod is designed for conformance with MIL-STD-810G and ANSI/IEC 60529 (IP65) standards. The MP-2 is designed and manufactured in keeping with NTS’s Corporate Quality Manual and incorporates MIL-STD-1916 Acceptance Sampling procedures.

For more information on the MP-2 or other payload pod designs, call John Derrig at 505 235.0089. NTS is attending the AUVSI (www.auvsi.org) conference this week in Orlando, Fla, Booth #243.

About NTS Albuquerque

NTS Albuquerque is the center for NTS Engineering Services and provides the organization’s largest engineering services capability with mechanical, electrical, software, structural, analysis and systems engineers as well as experienced program managers. NTS Albuquerque provides access to a wide variety of knowledgeable engineering and manufacturing resources with expertise in requirements analysis and definition, preliminary design, system architecture development, analysis, risk analysis and mitigation, detailed design, fabrication, integration, and functional prove-out with application to a wide variety of both government and commercial customers.

About Logos Technologies

Logos Technologies LLC is an industry leader in persistent surveillance.  The company is a diversified science, engineering, technology and operations company specializing in the fields of advanced “miniaturized” sensors, disruptive low cost platforms, cyber operations, integrated counter-insider solutions, advanced analytics and large data processing for knowledge extraction.  Logos systems provide customers with knowledge at the pace of mission!  Learn more at www.logos-technologies.com

NTS Airborne Sensor Systems and Pods

NTS Technical Systems’ Engineering Services Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is working with government and private entities to design, develop and manufacture modular payload (MP) pods for utilization on tactical class UAS systems.  The MP-2, now in development, will be designed as a modular system to enable the integration of custom and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mission specific components.


NTS has fielded the MP-1 system for deployment on manned and unmanned aircraft including: Mobius, Shadow and Tiger Shark.  The MP-2 pod, now in development features a reconfigurable chassis mount system that will accommodate different technical packages for different missions, in much the same way that a 19 inch electronics rack can be customized with different content for different uses. The MP-2 allows the use of different transmission windows and bottom shells to accommodate optical, RF, SHF or laser transmissions. Transmit/receive windows are removable, sealed apertures that provide IP-65 protection against moisture and material ingress into the pod.

airplaneThe next generation MP-3 equipment enclosure will share the same form factor as predecessor models however they will provide forward and aft pod caps that are fabricated from RF transmissive materials that are selected for the specific frequencies of use in order to limit signal loss through the pod caps.

NTS’s line of MP Payload Pods are available with passive or active cooling systems that are designed to protect the payload and ensure mission integrity during stressful performance regimes and feature IP-65 protection at all joints and seams.