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"XM Ready" Certification Testing

The “XM Ready” certification type approval testing program was implemented by XM to verify XM capable products conformance to the XM specification and to verify proper functionality of these devices.  Under this program, different vendors can submit their XM products for certification testing once they have ran their own self testing to insure that their […]

MoCA Certification Program Overview

MoCA (Multimedia Over Coax Alliance) is a standard that utilizes existing coaxial cable at homes for creating a home network for sharing digital multimedia contents among different location inside the home. The MoCA Alliance has established the MoCA certification testing program to insure the proper functionality of MoCA devices and verify their conformance with the […]

The Browser Parade Continues…

We’ve previously discussed the various web browsers that are currently popular and should be covered when you’re testing your website. Just a quick update on the latest browser releases: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 was released today This week, Google released Chrome 2 beta Last week, Mozilla released the latest beta of Firefox 3.1 Don’t forget […]

Golden Unit Reference Logs for ZigBee

Many of you who are trying to get your ZigBee product (Platform, Smart Energy, MSP or other) ready for certification might be confused with all the documents to read – the specifications, the appendices, errata, etc. All you want is to run the tests and make sure the behavior is what it’s expected to be […]

Remote Access using VNC

It’s 6 p.m. and that automated test script is still running on your test platform. It’s time to go home, but if the test stops for some reason when you’ve left for the night, you’ll have to start all over in the morning. What do you do? Well, if you’ve planned ahead, you can remotely […]

Linux – Getting Your Feet Wet

If you’re looking to expand your abilities/capabilities as a test engineer, Linux is a good way to become more familiar with Unix-based operating systems. Even if you don’t have an extra computer sitting idle to install Linux on, you can setup and install complete working copies of many Linux distributions (distros) without messing up your […]