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May 27, 2014

International ApprovalsWhat is IA?

International Approvals is a service NTS Silicon Valley provides to their clients who wish to sell their products outside of the United States. Currently made up of 5 members, The NTS IA team is well versed in application items, authority interaction and equipped with a network of partners around the world to support in-country negotiations and evaluations. The certifications that IA assists in have a wide compass of services with a primary focus in Commercial ITE/Telecom Networking and Consumer Products in the areas of EMC, Safety, Wireless, Telecom, Energy Efficiency. These approvals are supported by the various testing disciplines and accreditations offered by NTS. Outside of certification, the IA department provides international shipping for in-country testing, License Holder services, research, and translation for all countries within its scope. The NTS IA team has helped various manufacturers obtain proper certification to sell their products in over 150 countries.

The Beginning of IA at NTS

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Prior to NTS’s 2008 acquisition of Elliott Laboratories, customers of Elliott frequently expressed interest in selling products abroad in order to increase overall market share. While Elliott Laboratories tested manufacturer’s products to all applicable standards under Elliott’s scope of recognized EMC accreditations, manufacturer’s, on their own, found it difficult to find reliable sources to leverage these reports in order to gain international market access. This posed as an opportunity for Elliott Labs to be that reliable source and provide back end regulatory international certifications. After the NTS acquisition of Elliott Labs, International Approvals became a separate department form engineering and testing and has continuously grown ever since.

IA stampsThe future of IA at NTS

While the IA Department provides services for manufacturers all across the United States, it is collaborating with NTS Operations and Corporate Quality to build up test lab accreditations at other strategic NTS locations in order to provide a more hands on service to local customers. The IA team has visited these locations, setting up seminars, workshops, and meetings for NTS clientele, to ensure that all testing at NTS supports the needs and requirements of international regulatory schemes. Beginning summer 2014, IA will have a new team member working from our Plano, Texas laboratory with the full support of Silicon Valley to assist in sales and interact with local customers.

NTS-Silicon Valley is also leading the way within NTS in its evolution of International Product Safety by becoming a CB Test Laboratory (CBTL). This certification is anticipated by the end of 2014, and will allow NTS-Product Safety the ability to offer a critical service to its customer base in order to support technical files and approval applications around the world.

If you have any questions about how to get your product approved for market please contact Caio-Collet Silva at 510-578-3500, email or visit our webpage.

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