Laboratory Adds New Chambers to Simulate Extreme Environmental Conditions

August 18, 2020

NTS can simulate any condition on earth—and beyond. At the Fullerton lab—one of NTS’s 28 labs in North America—engineers are working tirelessly to simulate extreme environmental conditions to test products and systems. But there’s more to the story. With an uptick in environmental testing needs in the midst of a pandemic, the Fullerton lab purchased seven new chambers to make sure they can always help you meet customer deadlines.

The recent purchases include three temperature and humidity test equity chambers (3ft x3ft x 3ft), which are able to accommodate MIL-STD ramp rates. In addition, the lab acquired four temperature and humidity Thermotron chambers (4ft x 4ft x 4ft), which allow for 10°C ramp rates on compressors.

In addition, the lab is implementing a new DAQ system, which measures electrical or physical phenomenon such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure, and sound. The new system is allows engineers to view real-time recordings while also reducing errors.

Speak to an expert today—and learn about how the new environmental test equipment can help you achieve your goals.


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