PCB Microsection (Cross-Section) Training


Preparation Techniques for Accurate Evaluations


The course will teach you how to improve your PCB Microsectional preparation techniques and develop the knowledge to accurately evaluate the prepared Microsectional for common defects. Both technicians and inspectors will benefit from this dynamic combination of classroom presentation with defect analysis images and hands-on laboratory training. This course is conducted at our state-of-the-art Anaheim, California facility or can be customized and presented at your facility utilizing you own in-house equipment.

The 1-Day Course Description

The first half of this 1-day course covers both manual and semi-automatic Microsectional preparation techniques and will provide the technician with the base knowledge needed to prepare accurate, scratch-free Microsectional mounts. The second half covers much of the evaluation criteria required by today’s demanding military and commercial standards.

  • Improve your Microsectional techniques
  • Achieve highest quality
  • Microsectional techniques
  • Increase your evaluation skills

Don’t miss this opportunity to refine your PWB Microsectional preparation and analysis techniques. We encourage you to attend the only training program for Printed Wiring Board Microsectional Preparation and Evaluation. Technicians and Inspectors will benefit from a dynamic combination of classroom lecture, slide and video presentation and hands-on laboratory training.

These trainings can be held at either our Anaheim, Baltimore or Chicago facilities. For more information or to schedule your training, contact us today!

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