Japan VCCI Marking and Statement Regulation

August 23, 2016

Japan VCCI is a voluntary EMC approval for IT Equipment only; however it is well known that importers, distributors, retailers and local representatives in country may demand VCCI approval to sell the products. We have recently found that some manufactures are...

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Saudi Arabia CITC Application Requirement Update

August 12, 2016

Saudi Arabia CITC has started to implement authentication measures for documents being submitted for Type Approvals. Most notably is the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and the laboratory confirmation letter. The DoC of a particular model must now include official corporate...

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Argentina HSE Statement Requirement Update

August 1, 2016

Argentina has published Resolution 171/2016 in April, 2016 replacing Resolution 508[1] and the HSE (Highly Specialized Equipment) statement is no longer mandatory. However, the manufacturers can still opt to implement the statement or keep it as is if it’s already...

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International Approvals Update: Taiwan BSMI

July 14, 2016

Recently, Taiwan BSMI has performed inspections in the market on products under BSMI DoC approval scheme. Aside from the BSMI mark with applicant’s code (“D number”) that appears on the product label, the inspectors want to ensure that the applicant’s...

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International Approvals Update – India BIS Amendment No. 2

June 13, 2016

India BIS has established an Amendment No. 2 to IS 13252(Part1):2010 and the requirements are very similar to IEC 60950-1 A2. The current IS 13252(Part1):2010 (with amendment no. 1) is permitted until Dec 31st, 2016. For the existing registered models,...

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Event Recap: Telecom Seminar, Best Design Practices and NEBS Workshop

March 28, 2016

On March 8, our Silicon Valley facility hosted its third annual Telecom Seminar: Best Design Practices and NEBS Workshop. The workshop focused on a variety of topics ranging from Environmental Reliability (GR-63 and GR-3108) and EMC (GR-1089), to Multimedia Standards...

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International Approvals Update: Changes to Labeling and Logo Requirements

March 17, 2016

Australia RCM Replaces A-Tick and C-Tick (enforced March 2016) Starting March 1, 2016, RCM replaced A-Tick and C-Tick. Products subject to mandatory approval will require to bear RCM logo to enter the Australia market. For formerly A-Tick or C-Tick approved...

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FCC 5GHz UNII Rule Changes

March 17, 2016

Will the FCC Extend the June 2, 2016 Deadline? Our FCC certifications team has received many questions related to the FCC 5GHz rule changes implemented in FCC Report & Order 14-30, June 2014. The FCC issued a Memorandum Opinion and...

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FCC Changes Rules for Testing Facilities

February 12, 2016

As of July 13, 2016 manufacturers looking for FCC certification for the EMC approval of products for sale in the US must utilize an FCC Recognized Accredited Laboratory. Previously manufacturers seeking FCC certification were permitted to use laboratories which were...

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Korea’s New Test Standards for 2016

December 10, 2015

Korea’s New Test Standards for 2016 Effective January 1, 2016: KN32 / KN35 to replace KN22 / KN24 Beginning on January 1, 2016, Korea standards KN32 and KN35 will be replacing the KN22 and KN24 test standards. What this means...

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