Hydrogen Vent Stack – Space Flight Hardware Testing

July 10, 2017

This unique test set up is our hydrogen vent stack in San Bernardino, CA. This hydrogen vent stack allows NTS to vent up to 8 lbs/s of GH2 for the testing of SLS components. It can handle -423°F LH2. This...

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Making of the Mission to Mars: Testing with Liquid Nitrogen & Oxygen

June 16, 2015

Mars is mysterious because no one has yet been there to colonize and understand the planet for what it really is. How dangerous will it be? Is it logical to aspire to live there? These are questions many might ask...

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NTS San Bernardino Unveils New Quiet Technology Test Facility

November 21, 2014

  In late 2013, NTS San Bernardino began design and construction on a new quiet technology test facility to support MIL-STD-740-2(SH) for Navy submarine applications. The 17.5’ x 12’ sound proof building houses a system which can output a maximum...

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