Pandemic Testing: Live and Remote Options for Staying on Schedule

September 4, 2020

Staying on schedule during a pandemic is nearly impossible. But not at NTS. We built a reputation on doing the impossible—and we do it all the time. With travel restrictions and concerns about doing business in person, we’re offering both...

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Simplified Testing at Orange County’s ONLY One-Stop Test Facility

September 3, 2020

Testing at a local laboratory makes your job easier. But what happens when your lab only specializes in a narrow range of tests? When this happens, you have to travel to other labs to get all your testing needs addressed....

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Automotive EMI/EMC Testing in the Bay Area Shifts into High Gear

August 24, 2020

Today’s vehicles are more reliant on electronic components and assemblies than ever before. That’s why vehicle manufacturers, OEM part makers, and related businesses are in greater need of automotive electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing services. With a...

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Laboratory Adds New Chambers to Simulate Extreme Environmental Conditions

August 18, 2020

NTS can simulate any condition on earth—and beyond. At the Fullerton lab—one of NTS’s 28 labs in North America—engineers are working tirelessly to simulate extreme environmental conditions to test products and systems. But there’s more to the story. With an...

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How to Enter International Markets with Different Regulatory Requirements

July 30, 2020

Getting your product into international markets can open new opportunities and new revenue channels. But it’s tricky. Different markets require different types of certifications and different types of testing. Plus, there’s often red tape and tangled webs of bureaucracy. The...

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NTS Delivers Mask Testing to Support Front Line Medical Workers

July 23, 2020

NTS designed a specific test fixture to accommodate a mask testing requested by one of the world’s largest healthcare company. The healthcare provider was looking to purchase large quantities of high quality, disposable isolation face masks to protect clinicians from...

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Space Testing Gets Serious in Fullerton

July 16, 2020

NTS’s work for NASA—and the American Space Program—is legendary. Whether it’s creating a 100,000-cubic-foot reverberation room for Apollo 11 or accelerating testing for the rocket core stage of the Artemis program, NTS has always been there. But we’re still not...

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NTS’s 2020 Expansion Includes Upgrades to Anaheim Laboratory

July 7, 2020

The NTS laboratory in Anaheim continues to expand. One of NTS’s three test labs in Orange County, CA, the Anaheim facility recently added new equipment to provide best-in-class services in the following areas: Tension and Compression Testing Thermomechanical Analysis and...

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CAD/FEA Modeling for Direct and Indirect Effects Lightning Reduces Test Costs and Time

June 3, 2020

Finite element analysis allows the performance of complex simulations that accurately model the interaction of lightning with a variety of aircraft and avionics components. With 28 labs in North America, including a Lightning Center of Excellence, customers can get easy...

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How to Protect Your Package with ASTM & ISTA Certification

April 24, 2020

Do you feel confident that your package will arrive in one piece? Depending on what you’re shipping, you might need to make sure you package can withstand the challenges of travel. In fact, it might be critically important that your...

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