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Solicitation Alert: Plate Carrier System, Generation II, and Components

Solicitation Title: Plate Carrier System, Generation II, and Components
Issued by: DLA Troop Support

Solicitation Number: SPE1C1-16-R-0172
Solicitation Location: Click here for Solicitation

Issued: 6 October 2016
Response Date: 21 November 2016

First Technical Factor: Ballistic Test Results and Areal Density (page61 of solicitation)

  • The solicitation states that this testing can be performed at a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Certified Laboratory.
  • Ballistic Testing Data Requirements (testing and requirements describedin Paragraph Sections 3 and 4 of DTL-14007A0000, dated March 18, 2015):
    • Eight (8) shoot packs for 17gr V50’s
    • Eight (8) shoot packs for 9mm V50’s
    • Eight (8) shoot packs for 9mm V0’s
  • Areal Density Data Requirements (testing requirements per Paragraph,, and 4.8.3 of DTL-14007A0000)
    • Provide one (1) shoot pack, not sewn, for Areal Density testing.

Please visit this link for detailed solicitation information and attachments: Click here for Solicitation

Solicitation Primary Point of Contact:
Catherine Dillon, Catherine.Dillon@dla.mil, 215-737-2497

Contracting Office:
700 Robbins Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111-5096

NTS Wichita and NTS Chesapeake are both NIJ-Certified laboratories with the expertise and availability to perform all ballistic and non-ballistic testing as identified in the Solicitation. Both laboratories have the capacity to accommodate test range needs and provide deliverables within the due dates specified in the Solicitation.

NTS Wichita POC:
Matt Lutz, matthew.lutz@nts.com, 316-832-1600

NTS Chesapeake POCs:
Craig Thomas, craig.thomas@nts.com, 410-297-8154
Kyle North, kyle.north@nts.com, 410-297-8154

The Solicitation Reminder is a service of NTS Wichita and Chesapeake Testing divisions to help our customers uncover Federal Business Opportunities. We hope that you find this a valuable benefit of your
partnership with us.

NTS offers CAD/FEA Modeling for Direct and Indirect Effects Lightning, Reducing Test Costs and Time

The NTS Lightning Technologies laboratory in Pittsfield, MA is now offering finite element analysis, allowing the performance of complex simulations that accurately model the interaction of lightning with a variety of aircraft and avionics components for our customers. This service is available to all of the customers of the 10 NTS facilities across the US offering direct and indirect lightning testing.

Lightning Testing Figure 2

Figure 1 – Current Distribution and Magnetic Field in Two Current Carrying Copper Conductors

By decomposing complex CAD-generated objects into meshable geometrical shapes, these models are able to accurately portray the lightning environment (current distribution, electric and magnetic fields, pressure waves, temperature variations, induced transients) on high fidelity renditions of real objects. Once the geometry is built, highly customizable material parameters, boundary conditions, and applicable physics interfaces (Maxwell’s Equations) are applied that generate a system of equations that is solved in COMSOL. With accurate representation of test object geometries, the solutions of these models allow for conducted and induced transients to be determined at any point in the model.

Figure 2 - Magnetic Field Penetration through Apertures on a Fuselage

Figure 2 – Magnetic Field Penetration through Apertures on a Fuselage

Utilizing simulation and modeling along with laboratory testing provides customers with a new, cutting edge way to obtain valuable test data that can reduce testing costs substantially. Making use of these models allows for the easy acquisition of difficult or impossible to obtain lab measurements (equipment limitations) without having to perform the test on an actual object. Once a model has been developed, a similar test is performed on a real piece of equipment in order to validate the model. Once the model has been validated, lightning attachment locations, cable routing configurations, and material characteristics (to name a few) are all easily modifiable to allow for many permutations of the test environment to be modeled. The results of these models can provide valuable design constraints and necessary test levels for certification. Additionally, once validated, these models can serve as a firm basis for similarity analyses for future design changes, providing the potential for a cost and schedule reduction to future programs.

Figure 3 - Magnetically Induced Voltage on Conductor inside Fuselage

Figure 3 – Magnetically Induced Voltage on Conductor inside Fuselage

For questions about our new finite element modeling and how it can be applied to your testing program or for any other lightning test related inquiries please contact our General Manager Mike Dargi at 413.499.2135 or Mike.Dargi@nts.com

NTS has 10 facilities across the US capable of performing your complex direct effects and indirect effects lightning testing. We are able to meet the full scope of RTCA DO-160 testing, as well as numerous other specifications with lightning requirements including MIL-STD-461/462, SAE ARP 5416A, and IEC 61400-24 (wind turbines). Contact us today to discuss your next test program.

How can I relate the results of MIL-STD-810 salt fog testing to the life time of my product?

This is a very common question that we get asked quite often and unfortunately there is no correlation between what the product sees in the salt fog chamber to what it will experience out in the field. In order to understandSalt Fog Testing why, you must first understand the purpose of the test.

Originally stated by V.J. Junker in The Evolution of USAF Environmental Testing(1), the test is to determine the resistance of aerospace ground and aerospace equipment to the effects of a salt atmosphere.

According to Mil-STD-810G, the test is performed to determine the effectiveness of protective coatings and finishes on materials. The stated purpose of the test is to determine design flaws such as dissimilar metals, improper coatings, uncoated materials, electrolytic action, binding of parts, etc. Therefore, results can be related to the suitability or quality of parts or assemblies, but cannot be directly related to exposure time in the marine environment.

Salt Fog and Salt Spray testing are conducted at 14 NTS locations across the country. Visit our locations page to find the lab closest to you!

(1) Junkers, V.J. The Evolution of USAF Environmental Testing, Technical Report AFFDL-TR-65-197, October 1965.

NTS Camden’s Target Effects Arena Brings the “Wow” Factor to Weapons Testing

Fragment Impact Testing

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the performance of Target Effects Arena tests at NTS Camden. The increase is largely due to the push in the defense market for design and fielding of high-intensity, low-collateral, precision weapon systems.

Target Effects Arena Testing allows a weapon system to display its effectiveness against numerous targets in a measured, precision area. The targets may include vehicles ranging from SUVs to boats, tents or other temporary structures, and other dynamic targets in addition to the standard steel panels and fragment capture bundles. The targets for these types of tests typically remain intact, yet riddled with fragment impacts, which creates a spectacular display of the efficiency of the weapon system in a focused area, and provides an abundance of data including fragment velocity and dispersion.

Not only are Target Effects Arenas useful for data, but they are also heavily marketed due to their dynamic nature. When stepping out into a test arena that is setup for a Target Effects Arena test, it almost feels like stepping on the set of a Hollywood blockbuster, and carries much of the same excitement. This unique test allows valuable data to be captured and recorded and also provides the opportunity, that many companies are recognizing, to capture a spectacular visual demonstration of the product on film through standard video, high-speed video, and even 35mm still images.

While a typical arena test can display the effectiveness of a product in a concrete display with the mapping and photos of the traditional steel panels, a Target Effects Arena provides a more extravagant display of the application of the product that is better represented through film and for clients present to witness the event. Because of the “wow” factor of these tests, it is easy to see how a marketing campaign can be built around the vivid, striking images that can many times rival a scene blockbuster action movie.

In a world where seeing is believing, Target Effects Arena Testing is becoming more popular than ever as a demonstration of weapon systems with surgical accuracy as well as a successful sales and promotional mechanism.

To learn more about NTS Camden’s Target Effects Arena as well as the many other defense and ballistics testing services they offer please view our brochure or contact them directly at 870-574-0031

NTS Camden is Proud to Honor The US Military


Pictured above, the lobby wall at NTS Camden, Arkansas.

NTS has always been a partner of the Defense Industry, and a large part of our commitment stems from a very deep and personal relationship with members of the United States military. This connection is shared by all the NTS employees working on numerous military programs that come through our doors.  NTS Camden, the flagship facility for defense programs, not only provides the best quality of service to our military programs but is proud to recognize their sacrifices as well.

Upon entry into the reception area at our facility, each visitor and employee is greeted by an inspiring and humbling display of the pride that NTS holds for its role in the safety for each member of the US military. The seals for the branches of service and military photos of NTS employees and their family members cover the south wall overlooking the lobby entrance. These portraits span a long period of American military history, representing officers and enlisted from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines dating as far back as the Civil War to the present day.

“The fact that many of us served or have family who served is something we’ve all thought about.” said one NTS Camden employee, “Being able to see one of my family members every day as I walk through the front doors keeps me connected.  It reminds me why I do what I do.  It makes me proud to be a part of this.”

NTS greatly values the personal connection of knowing that through both destructive and nondestructive testing we help to ensure that those who serve in the United States military have quality products to protect them as they willingly put themselves in harm’s way to defend their country.