The Latest in Pyroshock Testing Techniques

January 6, 2010

by Vesta I. Bateman, Chair, IEST Working Group DTE032 The IEST Recommended Practice on pyroshock testing has been revised and updated to reflect advances in the art of pyroshock testing and to address common problems related to data accuracy in...

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FCC Halts DFS Master Certifications

July 22, 2009

The FCC has announced that it has currently halted issuing new and any Class 2 Permissive Change certifications that require a DFS evaluation for Master devices until further notice. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is currently investigating interference...

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FCC Cracks Down On Unauthorized Radio Frequency Devices

June 15, 2009

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a $7,000 forfeiture against Sennheiser Electronic Corporation for willful and repeated violation of Section 302(b) of the Communications Act of 1934; the apparent violation involves Sennheiser’s marketing of unauthorized radio frequency devices. In July...

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New EN 55022:2006 Requirements slated to go into effect

June 12, 2009

Manufacturers of Information Technology Equipment (ITE) intended for sale in the European Union should take note of some important changes that are slated to go into effect with regard to their EMC testing requirements under emissions standard EN 55022:2006. In...

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