NTS Employee Profile: Andy Plumer

June 26, 2014

This month we are pleased to introduce Andy Plumer, founder of Lightning Technologies, Inc., now NTS Pittsfield. In 1977, a decade after starting his engineering career at the GE High Voltage Laboratory in Pittsfield, MA, Andy founded Lightning Technologies, Inc. (LTI). He...

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The Product Development Lifecycle with Managed Testing

May 19, 2014

Product development in today’s world is difficult, stressful and costly. The pressure to ‘Get to Market’ quickly is ever increasing. We have developed tools (FEA, Solid Modeling, etc.) to aid this process, shorten the life cycle and get to a...

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NTS Engineering Services Group Designs and Manufactures Payload Pods for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

May 13, 2014

NTS Pods Have Flown on Large and Small UAVs We are pleased to announce that our Engineering Services Group has signed a $1.4 million contract to design and build a series of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) payload pods for Logos...

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Engineering Services Spotlight: Multi-Body Dynamics Analysis

March 26, 2014

Modeling and analysis of complex multi-body dynamics problems is an important aspect of automotive suspension, machinery, gun mechanism, and a widening range of complex mechanical systems design problems. The NTS Engineering Services group in Dana Point, CA has recently added,...

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Introducing DynamicDAQ™, our new Data Acquisition Tool!

March 7, 2014

DynamicDAQ Measures and Monitors Pressure, Temperature, and Statistics for Aerospace, Test Laboratories, Research and Manufacturing Customers The new, durable and fully portable product, called DynamicDAQ™, was conceived and developed our team of software architects at NTS Albuquerque. DynamicDAQ is based...

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“The Jetson’s” Home is Closer Than We Think

February 27, 2014

When it premiered over 50 years ago, “The Jetsons” gave an idealized view of the world in 2062. Many of the “modern conveniences” that were so common for the fantasy future of George, Jane, Judy and Elroy, are now becoming part...

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NTS LOCA: An Accident Gone as Planned

January 29, 2014

On March 28th 1979, “TMI-2 Reactor Destroyed” was the topic that swept this nation. After having been online only 13 months, Unit 2 in the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant had a partial core meltdown due to a fault...

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Lab Spotlight: NTS Detroit

September 3, 2013

NTS Detroit is an independent product testing and validation laboratory. We offer a wide range of test and analysis services in our 65,000 sq-ft facility and at customer sites. We serve the Defense, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Communications, Electronics, Energy and...

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Ask the Expert: Eric Young, M.S.

August 28, 2013

Eric Young is NTS Rockford’s Dynamic Engineer, developing dynamic test plans and overseeing all dynamic test programs at the Rockford Facility. He received his Master of Science in physics from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Eric has 28 years...

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NTS Airborne Sensor Systems and Pods

August 28, 2013

NTS Technical Systems’ Engineering Services Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is working with government and private entities to design, develop and manufacture modular payload (MP) pods for utilization on tactical class UAS systems.  The MP-2, now in development, will be...

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