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NTS Chicago Expansion Phase 9: Grand Opening Preparation

As you’ve seen over the past few months, much has been happening at our new Mt. Prospect laboratory. We will now be showcasing all the hard work and effort on Thursday, October 6th, 2016 at the Grand Opening Event.

RSVP now to join the NTS team, local and state officials, friends and neighbors for a day long celebration and open house. Beginning at 8 am, we will be holding two morning technical seminars, tours of the lab, a ribbon cutting ceremony and catered lunch reception.

Below, you can watch brand new time lapse footage spanning over 6 months showing the environmental test area taken from empty space to fully functional and ready to accept customer quotes!

As well as all the services previously available at our Palatine location, the new laboratory includes:

  • 5m semi-anechoic chamber for emissions measurements
  • Assortment of EMC chambers for testing and troubleshooting
  • 24′ x 24′ MIL-SPEC chamber
  • Environmental testing such as blowing sand and blowing dust
  • Expanded ingress protection
  • Increased capability for corrosion testing
  • Expanded capacity for current high-demand tests such as HALT and vibration

To find out more including specific technical information, don’t hesitate to contact our lab General Manager, Kevin Mehaffey, directly.

NTS Chicago Expansion Phase 8: Up and Running!

In anticipation of the upcoming grand opening event, the Chicago team has been working non-stop to get equipment up and running with no downtime for customer testing!

As you can imagine, we needed quite a bit of preparation before installation could take place. In the photo below you can see part of that process – the crew installing a few remaining power cabinets.


and NTS technicians testing products in the temp/humidity chambers…


then validating our thermal cycling chambers, now ready to go!


We hope you will join us on 10/6/16 for the grand opening celebration. The day will begin with morning technical seminars covering EMC testing and International Approvals, followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony and catered lunch. Meet our team, local officials and network with other attendees plus take the opportunity to tour the lab and see our new test capabilities in person!

Remember to submit a quote for your next project, we know you’ll be interested in our competitive pricing.

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Click here to contact the Chicago team with any questions about the new location

NTS Chicago Expansion Phase 7: Final Touches

As the NTS Chicago team is wrapping up their move in preparation for the upcoming grand opening celebration, finishing touches are being applied throughout the new lab!

Shown below: final installation and testing of equipment in the new 5m EMC chamber, NOW ACCEPTING QUOTES

5m Chamber

Our IT team at work readying the office area and infrastructure…

IT Team getting us up and running

And the conference room prepped for the tech installation!

Main Conference Room

The new lab will have it’s public unveiling on October 6th where we will be hosting two technical seminars, as well as a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration with catered reception.

Click here to RSVP and don’t forget that testing has continued throughout the move so submit your quote today and see how our competitive pricing might help you successfully complete your project!

For specs and additional information about the new lab click here to contact them directly.

New Mexico NOM Test Standard for E1 and E3 Has Been Released

Mexico has issued a new test standard for E1 and E3 interfaces (2048 Kbit/s and 34368 Kbit/s)- NOM-EM-017-SCFI-2016.

Test laboratories must have this standard in their accreditation scope in order to perform testing. IFT is still the responsible authority for homologations of telecommunication equipment.

Contact our NTS International Approvals Team at IATeam@nts.com if you need more details about this new standard.

NTS Chicago Grand Opening Event!

We are pleased to officially announce that the grand opening of the new NTS Chicago laboratory at 1660 Wall St. in Mt. Prospect, IL will be taking place on Thursday, October 6th, 2016!


Our team has put together a great day of activities including TWO morning technical seminars beginning at 8:30 am covering EMC testing and International Approvals. We will be holding tours of the new space and equipment throughout the day culminating with a ribbon cutting ceremony and catered lunch where you can meet our team, see local officials and network with other attendees.


 8:30 – 9:30 am  Technical seminar, “EMI Standards Comparison”
Presented by Jeffrey Viel, NTS EMI/EMC Subject Matter Expert
 9:45 – 10:45 am Seminar, “International Approvals”
Presented by Caio Collet-Silva, NTS International Approvals Expert
 11:30 am  Ribbon cutting ceremony
 12:00 – 1:00 pm  Catered lunch and celebration!
*Self-guided tours available at any time from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Fill out the form below to RSVP, we hope to see you there!

New Species of Extinct River Dolphin Discovered in Smithsonian Collection

A fossil that has spent decades in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History has been determined to be a new genus and species after careful study that includes x-ray scanning and support for digital image processing from our Chesapeake Testing division!

The Arktocara yakataga skull was discovered in 1951 in southeastern Alaska. To learn more about this new discovery, check out the Smithosian article here. Click on the image below to experience the Smithsonian X3D model and explore the fossil.smithsonian-dolphin-3d

International Approvals: EU/CE Compliance Update

shutterstock_201142688A new version of the “Blue Guide” was issued aligning the requirements with the “New Legislative Framework”.

Please note the following two particular aspects extracted from the guide:

  1. The EC DoC (Declaration of Conformity) must be in the official language of the Member State/Country or wherever the products are available in the market.
  2. Obligations of the manufacturers, importers and distributors:
    • The product must be accompanied by instructions and safety information in a language determined by the Member State/Country that can be easily understood by consumers and other end-users.
    • Product must have the manufacturer’s name, registered name or trademark and the address where they can be contacted.
    • Product must have the importer’s name, registered name or trademark and the address where they can be contacted.

Please click here to check the blue guide carefully for more information about these two items above, other details and exemptions.

For any further questions regarding this new development, please contact our NTS International Approvals Team at IATeam@nts.com.

NTS Chicago Expansion Phase 6: Moving Day!

The NTS Chicago team maintains it’s breakneck pace to open our new laboratory! The flurry of activity continued last week when we began moving equipment from the Palatine location to our new Mt. Prospect facility.

Below you can see the installation of a few temperature/humidity chambersTemp Humidity chambers being placed

and some HALT chambers being put into place
HALT Chambers in Place

plus the thermal shock/cycling area quickly coming together…
Thermal Shock + Cycling chambers in position

We will soon be announcing the date of our grand opening including some exciting details about the event. Stay tuned for more information!

We’re continuing to test uninterrupted throughout the move so don’t forget to send your request for quote and be sure to take advantage of competitive pricing for our new 5m EMC chamber, open NOW!

Acoustic Noise Testing Explained

Fremont, CA 10 Mic Acoustic Set Up

NTS 10 Microphone Acoustic Set Up

Acoustic noise testing is the measurement of sound emissions radiating from the equipment under test. In other words, how loud is the equipment?

Why test for acoustic noise?

Many markets and industries require acoustic noise testing to protect the hearing of technicians and users of equipment.

  • Regulatory: OSHA and other international regulatory bodies require that acoustic noise emissions values of many different types of equipment be declared in order for the equipment to be legally sold.
  • Telecommunications: AT&T, Verizon and Telcordia require acoustic noise testing to be performed on products being deployed in central offices, data centers, customer premises and outside plant environments.
  • Medical: Life critical devices need to have a minimum loudness and frequency range for tones and alarms in order to be heard by doctors, nurses and medical technicians.
  • Business/ITE: Equipment that generates annoying or loud tones and buzzes can easily be heard throughout an office environment.
  • Military: Military and defense products are required to undergo acoustic noise testing to prevent hearing loss, permit acceptable speech communication and minimize aural detection by the enemy.

Industry standards which cover acoustic noise testing include: ISO 9296, ISO 7779, ISO 3744, GR-63-CORE, ETSI EN 300 753, IEC 60601, and MIL-STD-1474D (previously MIL-STD-740).

Sound Pressure vs. Sound Power

Sound pressure is the difference in pressure between the instantaneous pressure the audible wave generates and the static pressure of the background environment. This is what your ear actually perceives. The measurement is usually expressed in Pascals or Dynes per square centimeter.

Sound power is the sound pressure taken at multiple points through a surface in space (measurement surface). It is the product of the sound pressure and the particle velocity normal to the surface integrated over the surface. This is a measurement of sound energy over time radiating from a source. The measurement is usually expressed in Watts.

Some standards dictate measurements be expressed in raw sound pressure, and others in sound power. Sound pressure varies between environments based on background noise and reflections. Sound power is a calculation that tries to eliminate the variations that sound pressure is prone to. Using the measurement techniques of ISO 3744 and NTS’s semi-anechoic chambers, consistent reliable sound power values are achievable and can be easily used to compare different product configurations, cooling fan vendors and fan speeds.

A-Weighting & (1/3) Octave Bands

  • A-weighting is a weighting curve applied to sound pressure measurements that replicates the response of the human ear across the entire audible spectrum from 10 Hz to 20 kHz. Most standards require sound pressure measurements to be A-weighted.
  • Octave bands and 1/3 octave bands subdivide the spectrum into different bands to analyze which frequencies in the spectrum have the most sound pressure content. Some standards require specific octave and 1/3 octave bands (such as those closest to human speech) to have lower sound pressure content than others.

10 Microphone Array

NTS Silicon Valley recently upgraded our acoustic noise data acquisition system from a single microphone to a 10 microphone array. This new setup can capture multiple sound pressure measurements or an entire sound power field instantaneously. Our customers can now test many different product configurations in a single day long test session allowing faster troubleshooting and ultimately a quicker time to market.

NTS’ Chesapeake Testing Approved by SEI for NOCSAE Certification Program

Congratulations to our Chesapeake Testing Services division which has recently entered into agreement with Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) to conduct SEI NOCSAE Certification program testing.Football-Helmet-Testing

NOCSAE, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, was formed to commission research directed toward injury prevention, particularly head and neck injuries in football, and published its first test standard in 1973. Today, both the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Federation of State High School Associations require the use of helmets certified to the NOCSAE standard.

In 2015, NOCSAE began requiring third-party certification for athletic equipment to meet NOCSAE standards. In order to achieve certification, manufacturers must contract with SEI, the independent accredited certification body for the NOCSAE standards. SEI, has audited and approved Chesapeake Testing for the performance of the testing required for the NOCSAE approval.

Chesapeake Testing is an ISO/IEC 17025 A2LA accredited laboratory with a broad testing scope covering NOCSAE standards as well as a wide variety of other products.

“We are very excited to receive the approval from SEI,” stated Dr. Erin Hanlon, Head of Sports Technology and Biomedical Engineering at Chesapeake Testing  “we are already receiving inquiries for testing and are looking forward to helping these clients to ensure the safety of athletes everywhere.”

Chesapeake Testing was founded in 2006 as a body armor testing lab operating two indoor firing ranges. Today, it is one of the twenty-seven fully accredited and internationally recognized state-of-the-art testing laboratories in the NTS network. In addition to athletic equipment testing, the facility boasts eight indoor firing ranges specializing in testing ballistic and armor protection systems.

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