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NTS Telecom: Services

As an industry-leading provider of testing and certifications, engineering services and supply chain management solutions, NTS Telecom offers an unmatched portfolio of services for equipment manufacturers. With more commercial telecom test laboratories from coast to coast than any other company and a staff of widely recognized experts in the field of telecom equipment engineering, NTS Telecom stands alone when it comes to the depth and breadth of our service offerings. Our wide range of telecom services include:

  • Full NEBS testing and certification solutions for all PSTN Central Office equipment. NEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) certification for telecom equipment ensures a high degree of reliability and durability for any device used in the public communications infrastructure. Achieving NEBS certification means meeting strict requirements for product safety, EMI/EMC interference and the ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. At NTS, we offer a wide range of simulations and other tests that will position you for compliance with NEBS and related telecommunications certifications. Contact us for:
    • NTS Network of Verizon ITL NEBS laboratories
    • NTS NEBS Certification Mark
  • International approvals to support global market access.Bringing your product to lucrative international markets requires testing and pre-compliance management solutions only an industry expert can provide. NTS has more than 50 years of experience helping telecom and other manufacturers manage the international release of their products. We offer complete turnkey solutions for achieving compliance with telecommunications certification bodies around the world. Contact us early in the product development process for proactive investigations into the regulatory climate of your intended market.
  • Engineering services to meet regulatory and/or customer requirements.Our engineers specialize in providing creative solutions to problems common to the telecom industry. Developing products that are reliable, durable and user-friendly requires balancing a number of different priorities. We can help you develop telecom components and equipment that deliver exceptional value for service providers, content developers and end users alike.
  • Supplier verification services to ensure component quality, consistency and reliability. In today’s telecom industry, managing international supply chains is an increasingly complex task. As a responsible business, you want to ensure your raw materials are sourced ethically, your sub components are assembled professionally, and your finished product is shipped in an economical, timely manner. Contact us for complete supply chain and supplier verification services.
  • Commercial and regulatory testing services.Whether you develop products for the consumer, aerospace, military or other market, NTS provides the testing and certification required to quickly achieve telecommunication certification to all applicable standards. With a network of labs across the country, NTS can deliver:

If your project has complex telecom certification requirements, we can coordinate testing across multiple labs, saving you time and money, while streamlining your path to the market.In addition to the various NTS Telecom service offerings listed above we also provide many other related services, as well as various other types of customer-defined engineering projects covering a broad range of specialized telecom services. Please browse our website to see our full range of service offerings or contact us today for more information.