NTS Telecommunications

NTS Telecom: The Clear Choice for Telecom Testing

The telecom and commercial networking industry is in a constant state of change due to ongoing technological advances, the ever-changing regulatory environment and evolving forms of competitive pressure. Successful equipment manufacturers must be able to rapidly adapt to this dynamic environment. To respond to this reality, a reliable partner is needed. That’s where NTS can help.

NTS Telecom is well established in and has a proven track record throughout the manufacturing industry. We are a full service Engineering Services company, supporting challenges in product design, development, testing, certification and market access. With a global network of laboratories and a number of locations throughout the United States, NTS operates the largest group of Verizon-certified Independent Test Laboratories (ITL) in the world. Our Telecom Engineers and Technicians are among the industry's best, many of them participating directly in the standards development process with industry and governmental agencies. Leveraging this Telecom engineering infrastructure, we are capable of addressing challenges and solving problems that others simply cannot. Contact us for more information about how we can engineer success into your Telecom products. Please visit our NTS NEBS page to learn more about the NTS network of Verizon ITL certified laboratories.