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Health Information TechnologyHealth Information Systems Certification

We are an Accredited Test Laboratory (ATL) that has been approved by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) on behalf of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) to test Health Information Technology (HIT) Modules up to and including the 2015 Edition Certification Criteria*. We employ the test tools developed by the National Institute for Standards and Measurements (NIST) and the test procedures that were approved by the ONC to perform this testing.

We can also assist with presenting developers’ HIT Modules for GAP and Inherited Certification, from the 2014 R2 Edition Criteria, to an ONC Accredited Certifying Body (ACB).

Current Approved Test Procedures

  • (d)(1) Authentication, Access Control, Authorization
  • (d)(2) Auditable Events and Tamper-Resistance
  • (d)(3) Audit Report(s)
  • (d)(4) Amendments
  • (d)(5) Automatic Access Time-out
  • (d)(6) Emergency Access
  • (d)(7) End-User Device Encryption
  • (d)(8) Integrity
  • (d)(9) Trusted Connection
  • (d)(10) Auditing Actions on Health Information
  • (g)(3) Safety-Enhanced Design
  • (g)(4) Quality Management System
  • (g)(5) Accessibility-Centered Design
  • (g)(6) Consolidated CDA Creation

Optional HIT Criteria for ONC 2015 Edition §170.315; sections (a)-(h)

*Subsections §170.315(c) and §170.315(f)(5) are unavailable due to these subsections being outside of the NVLAP scope of accreditation.

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