NTS Nuclear Services

Valve Testing, Engineering and Flow Services

NTS provides integrated solutions to valve and actuator O&M challenges using a unique combination of advanced analysis and testing tools. NTS's credentials include more than 25 years of nuclear valve qualification and recertification, and NTS's Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) 89-10 Performance Prediction Program experience. These capabilities combine to provide an unequaled resource for improving plant availability, meeting regulatory requirements, and reducing O&M costs.

NTS  offers a comprehensive package of valve engineering, analysis and testing services that range from design evaluation and prototype qualification for OEMs to troubleshooting and design improvement for valves already in-service. As an independent laboratory, NTS  provides unbiased assessments Huntsville of valve performance problems plus solutions using the latest computerized analysis tools, backed by realistic testing. The company's "hot shop" can evaluate radioactive valves, and NTS can support plant cobalt reduction programs.

NTS also offers comprehensive research, engineering, and test capabilities for motor operated valves (MOVs). In fact, the EPRI and others selected NTS to conduct testing and research on MOVs to support the computer modeling programs developed to predict valve behavior for the industry's 89-10 response. The company's ability to use sophisticated similarity analysis and grouping techniques and to take advantage of existing industry data allows NTS to provide the most economical means of meeting plant O&M objectives and regulatory requiremeNTS Huntsville like GL 89-10 and 95-07 requirements.

NTS offers the following engineering services:

·    Design basis review

·    Kinematic, dynamic and weak-link analysis

·    Switch setting determination

·    MOV diagnostic and upgrade services

·    High-flow water and steam testing

·    Failure mode analysis

NTS's comprehensive valve/actuator data base and in-depth field experience can save time and money in meeting any valve qualification needs. NTS's test capabilities include steam or water blow down and flow testing up to 2,900 psi and 40,000 gpm capacities, so that plant conditions can be accurately duplicated for virtually all valves now in service. NTS routinely performs ASME code recertification testing of safety relief valves (SRVs) as well as high-flow testing of MOVs, check valves, and SRVs. NTS's large-capacity facilities and more than 20 years of hands-on experience guarantee a quick, unbiased response to customers’ specific requirements, including:

·    Steam set point/leakage tests

·    On-site test services

·    Refurbishment support

·    Valve transportation and decon

·    Steam/water blow down testing